My Jackson Hole TR thread..January 24th-February 2nd..


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    My Jackson Hole TR thread..January 24th-February 2nd..

    Hey All,

    I'll be leaving for Jackson Hole in 5 short days for my 6th trip there. This week they're under strong high pressure and inversions are in place with above freezing temperatures on the upper mountain..Luckily the high pressure is going to move out and be replaced with cooler temperatures and Pacific moisture for my trip. I'll be staying at the 49er and if anybody happens to be skiing Jackson Hole while I'm there be sure to PM me. There's a public computer in the lobby of the 49er so I'll try to post reports in this thread. I'll be skiing 8 days straight..most likely 7 days at Jackson Hole and 1 day at Grand Targhee.

    Anyway for stoke, here's my Jackson Hole song..

    I'm going to Jackson
    I'll me maxing
    the vert
    until my legs start to hurt
    enough snow to build a fort
    rocking a mullet like Joe Dirt
    No Cobains like Kurt
    Powder is a Plus like Pert
    You know the shampoo
    gonna pity the fool
    Like Mr. T
    who doesn't beat me..
    to first tracks from the peak
    gonna stick out my beak
    and smell the Rocky Mountain Air
    The weather might be fair
    or stormy try to ski till four B
    and then let loose
    at the Mangy Moose
    right at the base
    shit eating grin on my face
    not gonna be chased
    by the Booter mountain patrol
    but I'm gonna eat a Grilled Steeze Sandwich on a roll
    Jackson Holes got Soul and alot of steeps
    in this thread..trip reports I'm gonna keep...

    116 hours till lift-off..

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    T-minus 18 hours until I leave for Jackson..

    The forecast looks great with chances of snow almost everyday of my trip and moderate temperatures. I spoke with my friend Tom who lives in Bozeman MT the other night and he is coming down to Jackson at the end of my trip from Friday evening to Monday morning. He has a baby and I didn't think he would make it down this year but his girlfriend is giving him a hall pass. Tom is a big Grand Targhee fanboy so we'll most likely hit GT up one day for the uncrowded slopes and less expensive lift tickets.

    After 10 days of no's once again snowing in Jackson Hole...from the website...

    Mountain Report
    Winter has returned to Jackson Hole! Once again, the snow is accumulating, with 5 inches piled up so far, and no end in sight. The powder is dry and light, and the flakes are so tiny they remind me of little grains of sand... if sand were weightless and cold. The best part is the fact that the snow isn't localized at the top of the mountain - we've gotten almost as much down at the base as we have at the summit, so conditions should be consistent no matter where you go, your entire run. -AC

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    Have a great time man, I hope you get some MSY snowfalls. Stay safe out there!

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    My flight from Allentown to Chicago was smooth and ontime..I'm now killing about 45 minutes here at O'Hare...flight to Jackson looks to be leaving ontime..4-9 inches expected in the tetons starting this afternoon more tomorrow and into the week..

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    Cool have fun man take some nasty turns and send pictures if possible
    I'm Scaaaaared, and I need a hug!

    Waterville 11/29 12/10

    Wachussets 12/20 2/16

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    Blue Hills/bump 12/12

    Berkshire East (Ski the bEAST) 1/31

    Wildcat 2/22

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    Wish I knew you were here, we were on that first tram too. Coulda made some turns.
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    Yesterdays Chicago to J-Hole flight was diverted to was a shitshow at Denver and I could have had standby several hours later..I ended up renting an Impreza and had a nice 540 mile white knuckle drive over several mountain snow and 2.5 hours until the 8AM bus..I'm sick of driving...Holla

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    January 25th..Day 1 of 8..

    Hey All,

    I'm back from a fun session at Jackson Hole. After my 500AM check-in..I took an hour nap and hit up Pearl Street bagel for breakfast. I took the 8AM bus which arrived at Teton Village around 8:25AM..I secured my 6 of 8 day lift ticket..there were a couple hundred people in the tram line and several dozen in line for the gondola. With temperatures in the upper 20s, it was too warm to start off on the Gondi..So I ended up first in Line for Teewinot and due to my fast skating..I was first chair on Apres Vous with a 5 chair gap behind me. I was on my Nordica Supercharger Blowers for the first time. Untracked powder was had right under the Apres Vous chair with deeper shots in the adjacent woods. I then took the gondola and played in some powdery woods near Gros Verte and then traversed over to the Thunder quad. All the Tom Dick and Harrys were skiing Laramie bowl so I skied the woods skiers right of grand and they were deep. Jackson Hole received 12 inches in the past 24 hours and 18 inches in the past 72 hours...Before that they had 12 days in a row with no snow so there is a crust under the powder predominantly on South Facing slopes. I hit bottom a few times but no snowsnakes.

    I then took the Sublette quad and had a safety meeting with some border kid..puff puff pass..then a sweet powderiffic run in Ten Sleep Bowl to the Cirque to the woods to the skiers left of Aphitheater. Back up Thunder..I tracked out the last few remaining pockets powder in Laramie bowl then took Sublette to Bivoac woods which had lots of remaining untracked to South Pass Traverse to Dicks ditch to the Gondola. Up the Gondola and down the woods to the skiers left of the Nastar area below the Casper chair..then down to Jackson Face which was nice but a few lurking rocks. Then up sweetwater to the Casper lodge which was packed..not one empty table..mainly due to some races taking place. I will say that the Blue mountain race team kids would whoop the Jackson Hole kids at racing but the JHOLE kids would whoop the BMRT at bumps and Poe. I had a soft pretzal and a Grape G2 Gatorade..$7.72...I ate outside in the fresh falling snow..then up the casper lift and I knew I needed to quit considering I'm mentally drained from my long overnight drive. I skied 9 runs in total for about 17,000 vert..I didn't tally up my totals yet from the trail map.

    My fat skis are great..despite having a huge turn radius..they are great making short fall line powder turns..I know I linked a solid 20+ turns in the Cirque..MSY Mad Steezy Yo!!!...I have my camara with me and the next dry day..maybe Thursday...I'll take alot of pictures..Right now I'm returning my rental car to the airport..taking a shuttle back..and then naptime..I think I'm gonna get Bubbas BBQ for dinner. After a frantic start things are starting to shape up here nicely...looking at the snow falling now is enough to keep me uber-stoked..

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    With flights like yours getting stuck coming in..we couldn't get out. Kick ass day today, flying out tomorrow. Of you want to hit the brewery tonight, we will be there for brew & zza.
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    Days 12-13: 86
    Days 11-12: 58 ...and done.
    Days 10-11: 66
    Days 07-10: 44 (average)

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