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I rode yesterday at Cockaponset, we did an early morning ride and were finished by 11:00. The trails were all firm, probably 25% o the ride was on frozen ground. It was just thawing out at 11:00.

I did a hike yesterday afternoon at Case and it was about the same 75% dry, and 25% shallow mud. I guess everyone has to make their own decisions, but I'm going to wait another week. I had a group ride scheduled for this morning, but cancelled it. Its not a mudfest, but the trails would be much better off if we wait one more week.

I sometimes feel like it just doesn't matter 'cause I know Case will be mobbed with riders today, but I guess I'll be guilt free and complain later on about all the ruts caused by inconsiderate riders

Sounds like a good call. Besides, there's some sweet spring skiing to be had today.