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Skiing is not for everybody. Now I would probably get very grumpy if I did not get my fill of skiing in during the year. The only time I did not mind not skiing was when I was pregnant. However, I did miss the best ski season in recent history (1996-1997) when I was pregnant with my son. I am surprised, however, that you still want to participate in a ski/snowboard forum. I don't visit this site often enough to know how much you contribute.
I don't know how much NOSKI posts on the skiiing side of the site, but I only hang around here for the varied discussions in Misc. and the occasional banter in the hiking forum. (Been hiking for almost 25 years) Did do some x-counrty skiiing for a while and loved it. May take it up again if I can find a place to do it with the dog. Do a Google search for Skijoring and you'll see what I mean. Way cool.