Policy Reminder: Lift Ticket Voucher Sales Not Allowed


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    Exclamation Policy Reminder: Lift Ticket Voucher Sales Not Allowed

    We have decided to no longer allow threads offering discount lift ticket vouchers or complimentary passes for sale. Often times, these vouchers specifically state they are non-transferable. We understand that in many cases a member may have purchased a discount voucher legitimately with plans to use it, but couldn't and would like to recoup some of that cost. Nevertheless, it is too difficult for us to determine whether this is actually the case or not so we are opting to not allow any sales of vouchers via this site.

    Reselling of vouchers is not looked at favorably by the industry and many feel this practice devalues lift tickets. Often times this results in fewer lift ticket deals in the form of vouchers and comps being offered. AlpineZone.com has built strong relationships with many ski areas and we would like to maintain that. From this point on, any thread or post that is made with the goal being to sell vouchers will be immediately deleted.

    If you have vouchers or comps that you will not be able to use, you can offer them up for free to other members. We prefer that you do this privately if possible. Thanks for your cooperation.

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    Bump. just a reminder. This is sort of a perennial occurrence this time of year.

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