Does anybody still not wear a helmet???


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    Does anybody still not wear a helmet???

    Does anybody still not wear a helmet skiing/riding??? Why?

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    99% of the time I do. I didn't for the first time in a while last weekend skiing slush bumps when it was 55 degrees.

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    I'll take it off when it's warm. Slush is cushy enough to take the place of the helmet.

    If I just skied groomers I wouldn't wear one. I can't remember the last time I fell when carving.
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    I think I see more out here that don't than I did back East... maybe it's the icy conditions? One of the hardest local BC hardman almost never wears one and he's on some gnarly peaks... I don't get it, but whatever -
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    When it's warm I keep my vents open and if it's really warm I remove the padding on the ears..anyway I'm guessing 95% of the people I ski with wear a helmet..I've only been wearing one for 4 years..

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    I don't and my wife doesn't. Personal choice.

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    My family and I always do...vent plugs will definitely be coming out this weekend.

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    I rode a couple days in Kashmir without one... We were climbing(13,000+ feet) and riding open terrain..

    I know lots of people the are BC types that don't wear them...
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    i wear a helmet until the sunglasses and sunblock come out...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mondeo View Post
    If I just skied groomers I wouldn't wear one. I can't remember the last time I fell when carving.
    I find this statement totally bizarre.

    If there is one place I'd be most inclined to to wear a helmet, it would be on groomers for numerous reasons. My rate of speed is significantly higher on groomers, snow can be much harder than bumps, risk of collision always seems higher to me as there tends to be more traffic and less skilled skiers, potential for shooting off the trail into the woods and hitting a tree seems much higher as you don't have bumps in the way to slow you down.

    I'm with you in that I can't remember the last time I fell while carving, but I think the risk of sustaining a serious head injury while skiing fast on groomers is far greater than when I'm skiing bumps or trees. Skiing bumps these days is about the only place I don't wear one and that's only if it's all I plan on doing for the day and they're soft.

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