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    Yeah, well with that nice Canon she got...I can only imagine. I'm just being difficult. I'm glad you folks had a blast today!

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    Jarrod announcing from the race shack:

    Greg skiing by the race shack (look: he's skiing a groomer!!!):
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    While we're waiting for Carrie to get her pics in order, and Greg to get his video in order, I'll give you a teensy weensy taste of my retro ski day here in Michigan.
    This is me on a blue run on our little hill, sporting some Rossi ROC 550's 180cm.

    Notice the safety strap in place of brakes.

    Note: I appreciate my contemporary gear much more, and can't imagine how I ever learned to ski on equipment like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by severine View Post

    Greg skiing by the race shack (look: he's skiing a groomer!!!):
    think he's got to work on his hand position a bit ...

    seriously kudos to the skiers and to sundown for putting what sounds like a great event. and of course kudos to k's own iceman for kicking butt. dork & ty must be pretty damn proud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rootdkj View Post
    really...highwaystar wasn't there to show you ct skiers how it's really done....shocking
    lmbfao!!! I am officially a Greg Groupie!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RootDKJ View Post
    aww crap... I was hoping for some shots of the Sundown AZ gaper crew
    anytime you want to come and give me a lesson, i'm available.
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    thanks for the hospitality and nice meeting all of you nice AZers finally. I had a great day and hope to come back with the family some day soon. Iceman was exhausted, it was the first time he had ever done duals and he had done about 8 TTB's prior to starting (plus he did the slopestyle in the morning). What a great day and thanks for all the compliments everyone.

    Wait Till Next Year!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2knees View Post
    anytime you want to come and give me a lesson, i'm available.
    no way! I give mad props to you sundown gapers! you folks have it all!!!

    Blue crew is pretty good, but you guys rock it out!

    plus I suck at da bumps! Not that I wouldn't mind skiing with any of you!

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    While the video is boiling down, I'll give some more random thoughts on the day:

    • Helluva lot colder feeling than I suspected. Could only swing the tee-shirt/base layer for so long until I had to don that styling Land's End fleece you see in the above pic.
    • Very happy with my skiing today. Qualifier was along side Shannon from the race crew. Awesome guy and a helluva skier. Managed to keep him in my sights though and I was seeded somewhere in the teens, 15th or 18th. We'll see tomorrow when Jarrod gets me the brackets.
    • The 180 / 181 qualifying run was incredible.
    • My one and only duel was against Sundown Bart. Somehow I was seeded higher. Not sure about that as Bart's a ripper and smoked me on the duel. When I knew he had it, decided to dial the skiing back and throw down as big a nossack as I could. Still pretty effin lame, but whatever, I had fun with it.
    • Iceman is scary good. Nice to finally meet SkiDork and tylorean skier. nice people.
    • Pat represented AZ well qualifying 11th. Awesome job considering the talent there today. 180 surly would have been well into the top 8, but well.....ya know.
    • MR. evil had some great warm-ups where he hit the kickers with authority, landed, and kept skiing. Great job Tim. You should be proud with you progress.
    • Mr. Gisevil gets the loud mouth drunk award. Nice job Randi!
    • Met a few other new AZers, Skidds, Creakyknees, madriverjack. All awesome guys.
    • That top line near the trees is pure money. MrMagic, johnnypoach, Skidds and brother (?) were loving that line after we got booted. Best bumps I've skied since Sugarbush last spring. Amazing.
    • JimG.!!!!!! Thanks for coming out. Glad you had a good time skiing the mighty Sundown.
    • Randy Grasso is the real deal. Believe it.
    • Robin Belsky - get well soon.

    More later.
    I ski double black diamonds.

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