Wachusett 3/9/16


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    Camera Wachusett 3/9/16

    Skied the mighty WaWa yesterday. Hit 65 degrees at the summit. Had to burn that Warren Miller freebie. Spring conditions ruled. Seemed a lot of other people played hooky, not that it was crowded. Plenty of coverage for now, but don’t think they will make it past this weekend. Only skied off the summit so I can’t speak for the rest of the mountain.
    Double Eject joined me after lunch for a half dozen runs. First time he’s been out in almost two years with knee issues. Ran into Makimono at the top before my last run.
    We lamented over our minimal days on snow this year and how neither of us had been to Magic at all and were feeling a little “dirty/unfaithful” about that.
    Legs were shot. Time to go home.

    Lot of hikers heading to the summit today.

    So this is how it's done at 90. This guys got his and his buddies gear packed into one two-wheel "grocery cart".
    Actually, I could use one of these now..........................

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    It's funny how we always seem to run into each other up there.

    The snow is in tough shape, so many freeze-thaw cycles that the base is just a lot of water ice. Hope they can keep it together for the closing day pond skim...Fun day anyways, lots of t-shirts and shorts and a few bikinis spotted too.
    he went so far off axis he was in fact on axis...the progression had become regression

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    They cancelled their Midnight Magic event for tomorrow night unfortunately. I was there Tuesday evening and it was pretty fun, though slushy.

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