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    I actually liked the first one better. The figures do make this one a little too busy and are oddly proportioned.

    I really like the 3 colors you've chosen. They complement well.

    The full text layout makes for a great banner, but I think a simpler logo might be useful, too. Especially if you decide to make patches, which don't want to be that wide an aspect. I'm thinking that the logo graphic should be able to stand alone, apart from the banner.

    How about giving the big banner the hiker and skier on the text? Then the mountain peak becomes an icon, and can also be combined with just "AlpineZone" to make a square-ish logo for things like patches?

    I have no creative talent, so definitely take these with a grain of salt.

    And absolutely, I'd take a patch or a window sticker (or both, I'm easy).
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    A friend of mine once was to open his first business. He wrote down the names of many names he considered to call it. Then he had a few logos. We voted on it.
    Sharing more ideas!

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    What about these:

    I really want to incorporate the orange into the peak icon somehow. I was thinking a sun setting between two of the peaks (is that too VFTT-ish?). Any other ideas?

    MichaelJ - thanks for the ideas and the compliment on the colors. They were pulled from the colors already here. I know what you mean by keeping the full logo compact enough horizontally for use on stickers and patches. I'll work on that once I get the peak finalized. I really would like to avoid multiple versions. I think I'll be able to compress the text a bit to acheive something that will work.

    Thanks everybody. Keep the comments coming. They really do help!
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    I like the one that has the blues with the orange hiker and skier. For a sticker and the banner of the top of the site it is perfect. If you wanted a patch you could always take the Blue mountains with the skier and hiker and put the words (at least the name of the site) on the mountain.
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    I like the blue because it matches your site, even though most mtns are green. Don't know how a setting sun would look until seen. I always felt logo's should be simple. Such that even if one dosen't speak English they can id the product, or in this case the site. You should receive comments tonight and this weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MtnMagic
    I like the blue because it matches your site, even though most mtns are green.
    Hey Magic. I'm doing two version as I like to change the site's color scheme to reflect the season. The Hiking and Gear pages are using the green now. I think the blue icon will be the default though.
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    I like the triple summit idea and the rotating seasonal color change. It's very unique. I would personally keep words out of the design and let the logo stand for itself. Just my opinion.

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    I'll just take a guess and say when Greg refers to "logo" he is designing what will first and foremost be his web site graphic header. So he wants the name of the site in there somewhere.

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    Josh is right. I want to design one logo which will contain both the peak icon and the text. i think I'm 95% there with these:

    Again, I still would like to bring in an orange component between the peak icon and the "A". My thoughts are:

    1 - An orange sun
    2 - Bring back our friends: Skier for blue version; hiker for green
    3 - Leave it as is
    4 - ???

    Please share your ideas...

    For the Tee-shirt, I'm thinking about putting a large peak icon only on the back, with the text logo across the front. I think that would be cool!
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    I like this latest triple peak version Greg, and I like the blue better than the green since I think it's a nicer contrast with the orange lettering. It would make a great bumper sticker as is without the 2 figures. But for a T-shirt, I think the figures add some movement which works better in that application. It seems like this last one works best as a linear layout, (such as a bumper sticker), where a T-shirt design seems more pleasing if it's more squarish. Am I expressing myself clearly? Maybe that's my problem, along with being artistically challenged!

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