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    Sugarbush 4/17

    Beautiful drive from Mahopac. It was hard to drive past Killington, but I knew Sugarbush was open an extra hour so I would lose no skiing time. Arrived at 1pm, skiing by 1:45. Once again, Win hooked us up with a great Claybrook at 50% off. Sunny till 3:30 then thin clouds and lenticulars to the east.

    More snow than last year at this time. Bumps galore. Ripcord, Paradise, Organgrinder, Spillsville and Steins are great. Slushy powder, corn and bare spots on groomers. Found some nice tree lines also. After, Heavens Gate closed at 4PM, we did one last Ripcord and then 2 Steins finishing at 5:15pm.

    Pictures can be seen here. Click on each picture, some are movies.
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    great pics and vid al.

    waaaay better, in terms of bumps, then what killington has, you made the right call.

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    awesome report and pictures!!!!!!

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    Great pics! Paradise looked especially fun. Spencer handing threading the needle on Paradise like a pro. Good stuff. Can't wait for next weekend. No insane warm-up this week so hopefully a lot of it will hold on. Sweet!

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