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    Quote Originally Posted by Highway Star View Post
    Yes I did, and it's sweet!!! I slayed the bike path last night.
    Well, then you're an idiot and you got ripped off. Congratulations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComeBackMudPuddles View Post
    our favorite son paid $200 for his bike and you're telling him it's better to spend $600?

    why? especially at the price range of $200-500, isn't it all about the components on the bike and not the frame? why pay for a brand name frame like cannondale or trek for a cheap bike?
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    I doubt he actually bought it. It probably didn't cost new at Walmart what he said he paid for it used. Can he really be as stupid as he is annoying? Nah, he's just looking for an in to be annoying in more places!

    As for spending money on a bike, a small amount of research can net you something much better for a couple hundred. That's what I paid for my Fischer Hoo Koo. You are definitely better off getting a higher end bike a bit more used than a shiny almost-new Next. Better components, better frame, lighter weight, etc., etc. Nowadays just because something says Shimano on it doesn't mean you are getting a great component either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highway Star View Post
    I slayed the bike path last night.
    This is funny to me.

    Kinda like bragging about doing laps in the kiddie pool

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    This is funny to me.

    Kinda like bragging about doing laps in the kiddie pool
    I pee in the kiddie pool... even to this day. Stand right on the edge and let it rip.
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    Ahh you guys got me. I only paid $120 for it....same model sells for $180 at walmart. I though you guys would think it was a pro bike because of the suspension and disk brakes. I wish I could have gotten something top of the line like the mongoose blackcomb:

    When you look at a bike like this your problably thinking overkill, well you would be wrong. The ride is really comfortable, there is no resistance with the disc brakes, the gears shift smoothly but will require fine-tuning when you by it, but all bikes do. The bike itself is built like a rock. Three months after I bought this bike I was hit by a car. I thought the bike was going to need major repairs, but to my surprise there was nothing wrong with it. This bike is a great product and priced just right.


    I bought the Mongoose Black Comb 6 months ago. What attracted me to the bike was the frame its really crazy looking, its very sporty, and high tech looking. I get compliments about the bike every where I go all the time by people. They tell me how nice, + Hot the bike is. Its a great bike it drive nice, shifts are smooth, the disc brakes are great, easy to replace the pads, + they also stop on a dime even in the rain. The front shocks are nice hits bumps pretty good,+ doesnt bottom out ever know matter how big the bump with the 75mm of travel which is a decent amount of travel. The rear shock is adjustable to suit your comfort zone. I love it especially the way I have mine set up when hitting bumps it doesnt hurt it cushions really good. It actually bounces on the bumps if set right. It doesnt bottom out. I noticed that the rear tire wears out before the front tire does. I still have the original front tire for 6 months now, and its still like new. And the other thing I had to replace was the chain. I also had to adjust the front + rear derailures. I only ride it on the rode, and some little trails. It rides really good, with no resistance on the rode even with the knobby tires it has on it. Its easy to clean. Maintnence is easy if your mechanically inclined you can do the brakes,+ cables, tires, tubes, chain, shifters, + shifter cables, hand grips, lubing cables, lubing the chain etc. I suggest who ever is thinking of buying this bike do it. Its a great bike for the price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    This is funny to me.

    Kinda like bragging about doing laps in the kiddie pool
    I'm gonna kick ass at my hike tomorrow..FKNA..I'm skipping off rocks and shit!!!

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    That looks like Pedros Bike...the Sledgehammer from Napoleon Dynamite..LMBFAO!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highway Star View Post
    Yes I did, and it's sweet!!! I slayed the bike path last night.
    I pissed myself when I read this at work.

    Speaking of which, I should probably change....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highway Star View Post
    Well, new to me at least. I haven't been on a bike since I was a kid, but decided to get into it as a summer activity. Got it off craigslist for a couple hundred or so, the guy said it was a downhill race bike but that he never got to ride it at the ski resorts so he had to sell it. It's nearly I bought it...

    I've also got my cases of mt. dew, so I'm ready to hit some sweet jumps and tear up the local trails.....probably Killington too this summer.

    I can ride in my jeans and ski helmet, right?

    Anybody up for a bike-off???
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