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    are we sure it was glue and not .....

    born to ski forced to work

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    Of course, now he's trying to sue for $3 million because he got abrasions when the seat separated from his skin after the paramedics unbolted it...


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    Wonder if he is related to that lady with the finger in her chili at Denny's? That was a scam, hope she is in jail.

    I think we should be alittle more understanding of this fellow. Can you imagine being led out of a Home Depot with a toilet seat stuck to your tukus.

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    If I saw him being hauled off on the john, I would think it was demo days at Home Depot

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    I hope he gets thrown out on his abraded arse.
    "The trouble with internet quotations is that they're often impossible to verify."

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    Story in the local paper today that stated he has passed a lie detector test, the test was sponsored by a local tv/radio(?) station. And so it goes.....

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    I'm just glued to the TV waiting for the next report (sorry for the groaner, I just couldn't resist)

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    sounds like super glue bonds to one surface and then when it hits skin it bonds again this stuff will stay wet for 15-20 min and then you touch it and it drys

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