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    Quote Originally Posted by NJSkiBabe
    There is great info about Craigmeur in the book.
    What's that? A google search gave me a park.

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    Craigmeur was a small ski area in Rockaway township about 15 mi south of Vernon (where mt creek is).

    It was a little larger then Campgaw (I think, I've never been to Campgaw).

    They had there last ski season a few years ago, but they continued there summer operations which was basically hosting corporate picnics. I heard they sold the place recently to the county to operate as a public park, but I think they are still going to rent it out for private functions.

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    Pick up a copy of the book and you'll find out just how many ski hills there were in New Jersey. All of your questions will be answered with the correct information about each of the ski hills.

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    Any pictures of the author in the book?

    Your SN does include "Babe" after all-
    Making sanity obsolete since 1982...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc
    Any pictures of the author in the book?

    Your SN does include "Babe" after all-
    Marc, I was thinking the same thing, here she is....Id say she lives up to the scrren name
    born to ski forced to work

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    Quote Originally Posted by bensonr2
    Is there anything about Craigmeur in the book? I used to work there in the rental shop, but can't find any info about it on lost ski area sites on the web.
    Ha this is where I learned to ski....


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