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    Quote Originally Posted by powbmps View Post
    Is that one of those new fangled cameras that makes everything look smaller and flatter ?
    No shit! that last part of the vid in the woods was really Fg steep and sketchy, but looks like nothing on the video. And that ladder drop also looked really small. I stood on the top of the transition and the ladder was just below my shoulders around mid chest. So i would estimate that it was around 4.5 feet.

    I dont know about you guys, but I am pretty sore this morning. Can't wait to get back there next season.....maybe even this season

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2knees View Post

    again, its mostly the little jump park. that shit was too much fun to stop on the trails.

    got myself a huuuuuge bruise on my thigh from my nasty crash. gonna go out now and drink the pain away.
    Looks like you guys had fun. I'm anxious to hear more about the trails and stuff that's not on film.

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    My bike thanks me for not going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by awf170 View Post
    My bike thanks me for not going.
    I managed to escape with only a broken seat.

    The downhill bikes they rent are insane. Nothing like "normal" bikes that you see out on the trail. I had no clue they were that much different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by powbmps View Post
    I managed to escape with only a broken seat.

    The downhill bikes they rent are insane. Nothing like "normal" bikes that you see out on the trail. I had no clue they were that much different.
    Dirt bikes minus the motor.
    Making sanity obsolete since 1982...

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    Met up with Pat around 6:30 and we made out way up to Highland and got to the mountain around 9:00 and found Chris in the parking lot getting suited up. So we got our gear on and heading inside to get lift tickets and then down stairs to get our rental bikes. As Chris mentioned these things were HUGE. They made his bike look like a toy.

    He made out way to the lift and there was no line. Got up top and headed right to the easier side of the mountain for a warm up run. I quickly noticed all the trails on this side were named with a cat them (Fancy Feast, meow something, ect) and quickly deduced that this was the ‘pussy’ side of the mountain. But even the green trails were pretty challenging. Very tight, twisty & rocky. The end of the first trail put us right in the skills park with all the ladder drops and jumps we took video on. We played in there for a while were I ran into a guy I met / rode with at Case Mt about a month back.

    After playing in the skills park we headed back up and made out way over to the harder stuff. This time we hit a trail called Hellion, I found this is a vid I found online of it. I think we did this run about 4 times. This trail was awesome! The upper 1/3 was really narrow, rocky and technical. Then it opened up and turned really fast and smooth with lots of big table tops, step-up jumps, big berms, a cool natural wall ride, and a 4 to 5 foot mandatory drop that you couldn’t see coming. The drop appeared to be roll-able, but if you had any speed at all you were flying it. The drop really caught me off guard the first run. Before I knew it was even there I was flying off it. By the end of the day it was one of my favorite sections of the trail. The was pretty much feeling out the hits the first few runs on Hellion, but later in the day I was starting to get some decent air. Even managed to clear some table tops and actually land on the back side. Pat was killing everything and get some big air. One time a little too big on the last run of the day, but he can fill in the details on that. We all ended up eating it on that last run.

    The entire drive home and even last night in my sleep all I could think about was DH’g. It was the most fun I have ever had on a bike and I can’t wait to get back there. My plan for the winter is to pester Jarrod into opening some DH trails with features at Sundown.

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    that vid shows alot of the stuff we rode and some we didnt. like that drop at the end. which we did scope out but was a bit hairy for any of us. the approach was nasty, all rocks and roots to a little approach ladder that turned.

    anyway, the green trails were much more like traditional xc. boring as hell.

    the jump trails were sick. once you ran them a few times and figured out the landings, you could just LAUNCH. i went too far on my last run and missed most of the backside of a tabletop and bounced off into a couple of rocks. that took all the bravado out of me so, along with chris' wrist we bagged it.

    i dont know if i'll ever have the desire to just ride xc again and i definitely never want to ride my pos bike again after riding that $6,000 trek yesterday.
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    So when are we going back? And does anyone want to buy a gently used pimped out Turner 5spot so I can build a DH bike

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    Nice vid and pics boys!! Gonna tag along on the next trip!!


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    Looks like you guys had a great day up there. It's not my bag just yet but does look like a ton of fun!
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