Perfect North 12/14-12/15


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    Perfect North 12/14-12/15

    Well I finally got my first tracks. I went to Perfect North Slopes on opening day (Sunday the 14th) and the day after (Monday the 15th). I had an awesome time!

    On Sunday they only had about 5 runs open at first. Then later through the day they opened about 4 more runs. It was great! There was snowfall the night before which brought about 3 inches of fresh powder to the area. Then it was snowing for most of the day that day.

    On Monday I went with a couple of my friends. The runs were a bit bumping in some places but it was nice. I went after school until closing at 9:30. So for a good portion of the time we were skiing under the lights. This time we were looking for kickers made be other skiers/boarders. We found quite a few. There were about 4 on 1 trail and 3 on another. It rocked, though on one of my jumps I messed up the start so I landed on my right hip which is now scratched up a little. Then my other hip got bruised on another jump. It was really fun and I can't wait for them to open up the black runs.

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    Good for you, Indy! I know you've been eyeing PN for a while now. I got a major bruise on my hip that turned into a full fledged hematoma my first time out last year. Read about it here.

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    Hey Indy, we live about 2 hours north of PNS, and have only been there once. I was wondering how bad the crowd gets on a typical weekend. I figure it will be pretty crowded, but is it so bad it takes away from the enjoyment?

    Ski all you can, when you can, where you can!!

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    No, the crowds aren't that bad...the longest I've had to wait for a lift is about 5 mins. But that is very uncommon.

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