Mount Snow will be shooting for a Sunday opening with terrain for all abilities. We feel that Saturday would be pushing it with the current weather predicted through Friday.

The weather forecasted for tonight, to be brutally honest, is down right ugly with an inch or more of rain possible in the area. Now that could change as what has been forecasted and what happens have been all over the map in recent weeks.

Our philosophy is to open with something for everyone, top to bottom terrain, learning/beginner terrain, some park features at Carinthia, and a quality snow product you can ride the minute your skis hit the snow at the summit to the lift at the base.

Last night temperatures at the base area quickly climbed above snowmaking temps and we had to shut down our fan guns on the lower mountain early this morning. Solid temps are forecasted to roll in Friday night and are predicted through the weekend.

The upper section of the mountain above Link is looking great currently.

Here's the plan for Sunday morning trails - Cascade - Canyon, Long John Beaver Hill, Nitro - Titanium and Launch Pad

Stay tuned, I know you all will, we'll know more tomorrow once the rain gets out of here and of course we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. We can only say what our plans are at this time, like in life there are no guarantees. We will only open up on Sunday if we have the quality terrain you've come to know Mount Snow and Peak Resorts for.