Hunter 12/22 second hand


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    Hunter 12/22 second hand

    Today was all about Claire's - WOW! Mounds of dry powder top to bottom and on both sides of the doughnut - gotta say: some of the best pre Xmas skiing I can remember at Hunter. The sun hits Claire's around 11 am. The snow making and grooming over the last week of cold weather days has been nothing short of spectacular. Kudos to snowmakers and groomers!! Virtually the entire mtn is covered with dry soft powder as main guns all over stay on 24/7 and every trail is sweet - I only wish my legs could keep up with my desire to keep going. Apurna should open sometime tomorrow but the sun will not get there until well after 1 pm. Quad & F running all day without stops - light crowd, no lines. The weather today: cold 15- 25 and crisp with brilliant blue sky, lots of sun, and only a wind at the very top

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    I think I keep seeing you flash by...just not sure, as I was on Clairs all day as well.

    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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