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    Nina Simone. Her voice is just awesome. I really like her songs

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyHHZ View Post
    Nina Simone. Her voice is just awesome. I really like her songs
    Tasteful first post. This one by her deserves “iconic” status, 50 mil hits on utube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5Y11hwjMNs

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    Listening to Weezer's new album (Teal Album), features covers of 80's hits.

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    Here's a good one from Muddy Waters:
    James Cotton on harmonica!

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    Listening to some Warren Haynes acoustic to prep for free concert tomorrow night in Portsmouth, NH


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    Relay of 50 years ago anniversary
    I have friends in Bethel Woods enjoy epic fun

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    Rival Sons. Recommendation from a friend.

    No specific song, just let the Echo shuffle. So far, so good.

    Been around about 10 years. Sort of a throwback, hard rock band. Singer reminds me a bit of Paul Rodgers.
    "I remember -
    Shouts of joy skiing fast through the woods"

    -Neil Peart (Rush)
    From Grace Under Pressure

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