2010 Ice Fest- North Conway, NH!


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    2010 Ice Fest- North Conway, NH!

    The 17th Mount Washington Valley Ice Festival! (a.k.a. The Ice Fest!)
    North Conway, NH
    Feb. 5th-7th, 2010

    Clinics, Courses, Guided Ascents, Slideshow, Competition, and Celebration: Come climb and learn from the best!
    More details click here: IMCS WEBSITE


    Get inspired! World renown climber, Steve House shares stories and tales of his alpine adventures and experiences! Following is the FACE-OFF COMP- an indoor competition with the pros! A huge hit and highly entertaining!
    Beer Sponsor: Tuckerman's Brewery
    7pm @ Cranmore Climbing Wall, North Conway, NH
    Sponsored by the American Alpine Club!
    Wear your lycra, ray bans, and crimp your hair! It's time to get down with the awesome band: Gnarlemagne
    Black Mountain, Jackson, NH.


    Check it out, find what you've been wanting to do, and give us a call! Achieve your winter goals with some of the best guides in the country!
    IMCS Climbing School
    Website: IMCS WEBSITE

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    Thanks for the note MissAnne
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    Happy Trails, be safe & Good Luck
    Mike P.

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    Check out all the killer clinics being offered at the 2010 Ice Fest! Climb with some of the best guides in New England! Sign up quick and climb with our guest guides and athletes!
    Don't wait til' it's too late! Winter is here, and there is more snow on the way! The ice is about to only get better!

    Blog updated: http://icefest.blogspot.com/2009/12/...-them-out.html
    IMCS Website: http://ime-usa.com/imcs/ice_climbing_advanced.html

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    2010 Ice Fest: Kevin Mahoney

    We are PSYCHED!

    Kevin Mahoney will be one of our many guest guides at the 2010 Ice fest!
    Check it out what he's teaching here: http://icefest.blogspot.com/

    We'll be posting about all the other awesome guides throughout the week! Stay tuned!

    Above: Kevin Mahoney

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    Guest Guide: Emilie Drinkwater

    Emilie Drinkwater is coming from the "Daks" to guide and be with us for the 2010 Ice Fest! Yeah! She is an amazing climber and guide! Give us a ring to climb with this totally awesome lady!
    IMCS OFFICE: 603-356-7064

    Read about it here: http://icefest.blogspot.com/2010/01/...kwater_10.html

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    Steve House: Friday Night Show

    Steve House is coming into town and will be giving a killer show at the 2010 Ice Fest!

    Friday, February 5th 2010
    Steve House, Beyond The Mountain
    Cranmore Climbing Wall, North Conway, NH (@ the Cranmore Fitness Center)
    7pm, $10

    Don't miss it!
    More info here: Ice Fest Blog

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    Ice Fest Schedule

    Want a complete schedule of the Ice Fest weekend?!?!
    It's up! Check it out here: http://icefest.blogspot.com/2010/01/...-schedule.html

    Now you know what's happening, where to be, and the times! Print it up and put it in your back pocket!
    Call to sign up for the clinics! Only just over 2 weeks to go! Call IMCS: 603-356-7064

    Snow is falling right now and will be doing wonderful things to the ice!

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    Well played MissAnne. Will see if I can make it over...

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    Guest Guides @ Ice Fest

    2010 Mount Washington Valley Ice Festival
    Feb. 5th-7th, 2010
    North Conway, NH

    This is it! It's cold! It's winter! The week is here!
    It's time to climb! So it's also time to sign up for the clinic you've been thinking about.
    Call up IMCS to make it official! Whether you want to learn or hone in on your skills, you won't regret it!
    We have some of THE best guides in the country here kids- don't miss out on it!
    We hope to see you this weekend! Sharpen those picks and get ready for a weekend full of climbers, climbing, and fun festivities for all!
    Call IMCS: 603-356-7064
    Guest Guides On The Blog: ICE FEST BLOG

    Steve House will be guiding throughout the IMCS Ice Fest and will be giving a killer show at the Cranmore Climbing Wall on Friday @ 7pm!

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