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    Quote Originally Posted by dmc View Post

    Mancuso wears a tierra and falls down laughing when she medals...
    That's the tie breaker !

    Julia just seems like she who has more fun with her sport

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    Quote Originally Posted by severine View Post

    They're both amazing athletes and beautiful women, apparently inside and out (though I know neither so what do I know about it :shrug: ).
    yes they are both very beautiful on the inside and out i'm sure. But this is a shallow thread and thus deserving of a shallow reply.

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    The question one needs to ask is do you prefer the "girl next door" California style or the "girl next door" Midwest style???? Bottomline is they BOTH have a major adrenaline junkie streak in them, and they both could kick just about anyone's butt all the way down the hill!

    BTW, Julia does have a bit of a cooler, freespirited Facebook page than Lindsey IMHO
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    Julia, because she looks like so much more fun to spend a day with. She is obviously enjoying the Olympics. Bet she would buy the drinks, while Lindsey would be high maintenance. Betcha Julia would ski the woods and other gnar, but Lindsey would stay inbounds. Julia is single. Lindsey is high flying Red-Bull cover girl, while Julia is flying under the radar. I twittered this 20 hours ago: "http://bit.ly/dsNKX2 Starting to think Julia Mancuso is the sleeper star skier of 2010 Olympics... & she's single... better than Lindsey?" There is your photo link.

    Here are their facebook pages for some personal comments from them both:


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    I'll drive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WWF-VT View Post
    That's the tie breaker !

    Julia just seems like she who has more fun with her sport

    JM looks like she'd be fun to party with.

    but both are spankable

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    IMHO - LV is prettier but in the video DMC posted Julia Mancuso looks like she can kick my ass and i find that kind of hot....
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    I just like seeing america women at the top of skiing world....preiod..

    But I do like Lidsey first and Julia is growing on me. They both are amazing on the hill, but like Thinnmann said Julie would probably ski anything, where as Lindsey would probably be high maintenance. Julia certainly is the sleeper considering all the publicity LV gets.

    GO USA!!

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