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    riverc0il, bvibert, wjenness, deadheadskier, woodcore, jimg and i are taking a break at Bullwinkles. Great day. Fast groomers, some loose snow, bluebird, no wind.

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    Great day. Found some very skiable bumps. Just got back from the apres party. Time to chill and Rustic Overtones tonight!

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    do some shots, some car bombs, about 8 beers each then post some pics!

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    Some good times must be rollin' without any activity here since 6pm.....

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    I want to see pictures of Sugarloaf Never been there.

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    Back a bit early due to work obs, but what a weekend. Sugarloaf really went above and beyond from their service at the parties to the exceptional job they did with less than ideal weather conditions up on the hill. Skied Friday at Sunday River with wjenness, JimG, bvibert and severine and it was a nightmare. I was literally shocked at how well Sugarloaf was able to lay out a great groomed surface for both days this weekend.

    While not the epic corn harvest we all dreamt of, the conditions were really pretty darn good. Each day started with the whole group ripping together, then people venturing off to do their own thing. This morning was particularly sweet with Sugarloaf letting us on the lift an hour before the general public. Outside of about 30 other people, Alpinezone owned the hill for the first hour.

    As there were no bumps really to be had, a two run combined Naster race was set up instead. I'm not a gate skier, which I'm sure everyone would agree who saw me, but I still had fun. Woodcore was the champ and winner of the coveted Golden Alpinezone Mouse. He beat waloaf by a downright Olympic close two one hundredths of a second.

    I think I shared a lift or a beer with pretty much all who came, which appeared to be about 30 members. Just a great, great time. Anyone who didn't have a good time, needs to find a new sport because it was a freaking blast. Many folks were shooting lots of pics and I saw a few shooting video, so all that should come along in the coming days.

    Plenty of snow still up on Sugarloaf. Should be PRIME straight through April, so get on up there. I know I'll be back for at least a day before the end of the season. Awesome Mountain.

    Thanks again Sugarloaf and especially Greg for setting this all up!!!! Can't wait for the next one.

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    Just got back home and am too spent to post up a full report... but what a freaking blast! Sugarloaf did AZ up right. Amazing amount of snow up there right now... gotta be the deepest base depth of any ski area in the eastern USA right now. Turns at the Back on Friday were excellent as well. These areas did an amazing job considering what they had to work with Thursday night.

    Great skiing with everyone and BIG THANKS to the AZ Team for putting this whole thing together. Very impressive weekend even if it was not the spring skiing weather we had all hoped for.
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    Great weekend.

    Three days spent out skiing, can't ask for much more.

    Saturday I ripped the river solo for an hour or so before finding bvibert, JimG, and deadheadskier... Crazy day where it appeared the temp must have plummeted mid-groom, half of the trail was frozen rock-solid cord, and the other half was tolerable...

    SL did a great job, had a gorgeous bluebird day on Saturday, a little cold, but no wind, all the lifts were turning, skied more Vert than any other day in my life. Had a blast.

    Today was a little rougher, the winds kicked up and blew the snow around, Timberline never opened (at least before I left) and spillway went on windhold a little before 11AM. Still some good turns to be had off of the King Pine, Superquad and even Whiffletree chairs though. Skied a run from the top of spillway to the SQ base non-stop right before Spillway went on hold... That was a good thigh burner.

    Did a couple more SQ runs, and called the day at 11:30. Stopped in at the Bag and had a delicious burger before hitting the road...

    Thank you so much to Sugarloaf, Greg and everyone else for making this happen. I had a blast, and can't wait for the next one.

    Also, thanks a ton to riverc0il who handled our condo reservations and got us all set up.

    My ride home was surprisingly quick. I was thinking it was going to take a minimum of 4 hours, maybe a little over four and a half. Photographic evidence proves otherwise:

    Just under four hours from sitting down in the car to parking it at home... A little over 3 1/2 spent driving. Made two quick stops, one in Farmington for gas, and once at the rest area just after Gray on the Maine Turnpike.

    ... Nap time...

    Ready to go
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    Quote Originally Posted by WJenness View Post
    I like that top speed.

    Got back about a 1/2 hour ago. Great time with everyone and the whole event. Gotta deal with the kids now, but I'll put up the few pics I took this evening. 4 hours total time to the dot for me. Stopped in Freeport for a few.

    Thanks to Greg and Sugarloaf!
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    Nice seeing everyone! Wlopowski and I had a great time. Made the obligatory stop at the Sugarloaf Shop and got some nice stuff.

    Pics and TR coming soon.

    Saturday: amazing day. Runs on Gondi Line and Timberline were great. Awesome views.

    Sunday: thank God for 7:30 am chair. The first two hours were the best conditions and weather. I wrapped up at 11:30 after almost being blown off the Spillway Chair and then skidding down the shear ice on the top of Gondi Line. Lifts were closing due to was nasty folks...cold wind.

    Also, if anyone found my blue Patagonia Hat at the Lounge yesterday after the party, please PM me!!! Thanks.

    Thanks Sugarloaf for a great weekend. We're coming back up in a few weeks (fingers crossed).
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