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    Heading home to Hunter from NYC in that big storm last week was intense.
    Took me 4 hours in my 2009 manual rabbit. The whole way I was just dreading my last five miles up the mountain road to my house.
    Made it the whole way up the thruway no problem. Started up the last hill in 5th gear to keep the wheels from slipping. Half way up and the car stalled and the check engine light went on... uuuuuuuuuugh.... I think it was in tooo low of a gear. I had to back down the whole way and start again... This time only went up to 4th gear. haha...

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    My new Jeep doesn't have a keypad (or option for manual tranny) If I have the keyfob in my pocket all I have to do is grab the door handle and it will unlock the door for me.

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