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    I think this is like the wearing a helmet issue, if it works for you why change. It is important to know the risks tho. With many of the trails having rocks and roots in the path I bet as soon as you stub your toe good, I mean near breaking it good you will realize that upgrading to at least a sneaker might be a good thing. People on the trail give you a dirty look cause they wish they had the yutzpah to not be wearing their heavy duty hiking boots, overkill IMHO for most general below timberline hiking.

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    i like flip flops too much, thats why i dont hike....

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    I can't imagine going uphill or downhill successfuly in flip flops. Sandals are hard enough. I can barely get up the ramp from the dock in flip flops, especially if my feet are wet.
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    I was thinking about this thread while watching "Dual Survival" on Discovery.

    The one guy is a total hippie and wears NO shoes... In the snow he puts on socks..
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    I like fliking in my hip-hops.
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    When backpacking I typically bring flip flops with me for lounging at the campsite. But actually hiking in them... i can't see myself doing that. I get annoyed with flip flops even on flat ground after like 1/2 mile.

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    yeaahh...it sounds like it may be a pain but if it was an easier trail (reservoir hikes or something..) I may wear them. I'd probably be more apt to do it except for the gruff you recieve, it is better to be safe than sorry!! I still mow the the lawn in flipflops...haven't lost a toe yet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverc0il View Post
    I have hiked with low cut hiking shoes for as long as I have been hiking and have had no issues. Plenty of support. Even for lugging ski gear up to Tucks. This is all personal preference based on individual physiology. Lack of ankle support is not an issue for many hikers. I actually value lateral movement when hiking. Trail runners would also would not wear boots.
    I don't hike in flip flops (dislike them altogether). However, I don't care for all that talk about "ankle support", especially when not involving a full pack.

    My ankles are a lot stronger than the "support" that came with the boots. (I also have a small frame so my body don't put that much weight on my feet) As a kid, I did a lot of running and jumping games. So my ankles were trained to be flexible and strong. Never understand why one "need" ankle support.

    It's only when I'm wearing a full pack (which I don't do much any more), that I found my ankle gets tired from the extra weight it has to handle.

    Open toe is not a good idea when hiking any where there is exposed rock, root, or other such potentially painful and injury causing topographical features. Keen and Teva make "open" hiking shoes with closed/ruberized toe. If you want to have open feet without socks, that would be the way to go.
    Painful, yes. Injury, unlikely. (unless you're talking about bruised toe nails)

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    I was toying with bringing a pair of lightweight somethings to fjord brooks that cannot be crossed any other way. I've resisted flip flops since it seems they would be more unstable than my stinky old feet even though they hit the weight and size criteria.

    I love walking around in bare feet and camp. Nothing better than pine pitch all over my feet.
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    Merrell Barefoot

    These are awesome. I will be running the Escarpment Trail Run in them on July 31.


    They protect your toes, hold your foot from the metatarsals on back like a glove, yet let your toes spread naturally. They are the best minimal shoe for trails. Here are my reviews.

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