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    May 2006
    beantown and NY to da C


    in order of acquisition:
    iro jamie roy fixed gear.
    independent fabrication steel crown jewel fixed gear.
    independent fabrication ti club racer--campy chorus.
    sun unicycle.
    surly karate monkey 29er--rohloff internal hub.
    surly steamroller single speed.

    ". . .a striped jersey under his jacket; bared calves (outside the bicycle track); cap pushed back; feet in a false position on the pedals; a barking horn, a disorderly appearance, an always-dry tongue, and a definite fondness for wine merchants. . ."

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    evil Imperial 1 speed for the last 2 seasons.
    If it ain't Poe, I don't go.

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    Cannondale R3000 road
    Giant Warp I mtn

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    Home commuter / all-purpose bike : Specialized Allez Elite triple
    Away bike (Chicago): Schwinn Traveler 10 Speed from the 70's.

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    South Dartmouth, Ma & Killington, VT
    I ride my Rocky Mountain mountain bike 5 miles to work whenever I can. It's set up with semi-street tires. I have an ancient road bike I bought from a friend of mine. It was state of the art in 1980 but pretty archaic now. I have it mounted on a trainer for rainy days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
    I ride my Rocky Mountain mountain bike.
    Which Rocky Mountain bike do you have? I've been looking at the Slayer and use it mainly for single track purposes and not commuting, but always love to hear what people think of their Rocky Mountain bikes.

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    Mtn: '07 GF Hoo Koo
    Road: Specialized Allez Sport Triple
    and an old(approx. 11yrs) Gary Fisher Aquila. Steel frame, had been upgraded with Manitou shocks. This bike doesn't see the light of day much anymore!

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    looking at picking up a Tri bike.....

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    Wicked old (like 1985) Stump Jumper, yup, an original. Oh, and a 2006 Honda CBR 900RR

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    2006 Trek 1500 with Full ultegra (came from the factory that way)
    my photo site.
    Frigid Light.

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