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    Outstanding! Glad you guys were able to get out there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by campgottagopee View Post
    Who won the "massive"sword and ball battle???? Oh, the TR is cool too.
    Thanks! I'd definitely say that the boys won the battle... my excuse will be that it was two on one. It was really fun to emerge and find it snowing outside however, especially when I never expected the snowfall to get down anythwere near our elevation. It's great that even with the excellent forecasting tools we have, Mother Nature can still give us those types of surprises.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverc0il View Post
    Great report. I was fooled by that early evening change over to snow and decided to give Mansfield a shot Saturday as well. I must have gotten to the gondi right when the wind and rain were at their worst. Decided to drive south to Killington despite the extra mileage.
    I think you made a great decision, as the snow at Killington looked a bit more substantial than Stowe at some of the lower elevations. If Mt. Mansfield hadn't had that later push of snow, I think we would have stuck with Killington as well, but I had a feeling that Mansfield was going to move into the range of at least a respectable dump. Also, for us, Killington is 3X as far, so logistics give Mansfield a bit of a boost as long as they aren't too far behind Killington in snowfall.

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