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    Quote Originally Posted by BeanoNYC
    I'm thinking about heading to a local specialty shop and picking up a growler or two of some good microbrew soon, any suggestions?
    Always liked Brooklyn Brown Ale.

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    Busch... IN A BOTTLE
    Ain't life grand

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    It's so nice we can actually get good beer these days. Lots of imports and lots of high quality American craft beers. Life is good.

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    Caught the wife in a moment of charitable feelings the other day, and got her to let me spend $50 on 3 mix 12-packs (I didn't expect it to total that much, but I'll take what I can get...

    So far, I've only dug into one from Boulder Brewing (Colorado's first microbrewery).
    The results:

    Never Summer Ale- really good winter ale. Nice weight, great color, strong malt and not too hoppy. Quite tasty, excellent winter beer.

    Pass Time Pale Ale: thin, underhopped, a little too sweet for a pale ale. Not great.

    Planet Porter: Good porter- nice roasted flavor, not too carbonated, deep, dark color. Good porter.

    Sundance Amber: Thin, maybe a little too sweet. Not great, but not bad. A decent session beer, but nothing to write home about.

    Overall Boulder Beer rating: So-so.

    Further updates as events warrant (I can't remember what the other two packs are at the moment. Probably because of too much drinking of other bevereages)

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    Just brew your own.......not that hard..and if done correctly you WILL NOT FIND BETTER BEER........fresh..clean and oh sooo tasty...


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    If you get up to the Acadia area of Maine, stop by Atlantic Brewing and try a Black and Blue..it's their Blueberry Ale and Porter ..mmmmmmmmmmmmm... and for those of you ho might think fruit beer sounds horrible..this one is not!

    Atlantic's Scotish Ale is nice too..that will be out just in time for our camping vacation in September.

    Additionally, Sunday River's brew "Black Bear Porter" is a gem.. it never disappoints me.

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    Just tried a new one from a small craft brewer out of the StJ/Lyndonville industrial park called Hornpout. Pretty darn good.

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    Highlight of the GABF a few weeks ago for me was the Ithica IPA. A big double IPA, all NY ingredients. IMHO perhaps the best example of the style I have ever tasted...

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    Cracked into another twelve pack- Ithaca Beer Co.
    Apricot Wheat- surprisingly good for a fruit beer. Nice wheat base, not too fruity. Tasty beer when nice and cold. Not my favorite style, but pretty good.

    Casca Zilla Red- nice red ale. It says it's highly hopped, but it really isn't. Sweet undertones, highly drinkable. Good session beer.

    Nut Brown- nice.Very nice. roasty malt, nice medium body. Very drinkable. Good nutter, there. Nice beer for a short session, because after 5-6 it'll start to weigh on you.

    Pale Ale- not a fantastic example of the style. Not quite hoppy enough, not quite malty enough. Maybe I'm prejudiced toward IPAs for my pale ale tastes, but Bass is, I think, a better representative of the style than Ithaca is.

    Overall, very drinkable, good beers. Nothing over the top, nothing outstanding, but good, solid brews. I would imagine that, no matter which Ithaca beer you drink, if you know the styles, you'll know exactly what you're going to get.

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    If you guys are serious beer drinkers you need to have a kegernator in your place. My firend is a serious beer drinker and this thing is amazing. Luckily, I am not a serious beer drinker, if I was, I probably would not survive the month I will be staying here until my place is ready over in Waitsfield.

    He gets it from the local brewery, you get the keg refridgerator for free with all the accessories and I think the keg holds 10 gal of beer. Tho I am not a big beer drinker, on a hot day, getting a frosty mug out of the freezer and pouring keg beer, it's pretty nice.

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