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    That's odd. Never noticed that.

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    Got a sicer of White Tail IPA from Mendocino Brewing. Excellent example of an IPA. Only real ding against it is carbonation that's a touch too energetic. OTher than that, though, it has all the qualities I look for in an IPA.

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    Huh, I grew up out there. Haven't seen that one - must be a new beer for MB. They went waaaaaaay downhill after being purchased by some Indian company. Red Tail used to be fantastic. Eye of the Hawk is an interesting brew as well.

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    Haven't had the Red Tail in a while. I hate itwhen brewers get bought.

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    Both my friends with kegerators love Harpoon IPA
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    Quote Originally Posted by ski_resort_observer View Post
    Both my friends with kegerators love Harpoon IPA
    I've noticed it seems much better on tap (like many beers - but Harpoon IPA especially so). The aroma hops just die in the bottled version. Or maybe I'm just getting old beer

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctenidae View Post
    Haven't had the Red Tail in a while. I hate itwhen brewers get bought.
    I was a big fan of RT when they were bought. It went from 8% alc to 6% and most of the flavor disappeared as well.

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    Had a bomber of Rogue's Festivale. Fantastic stuff. Nothing bad to say about it at all.

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    Had the Sam Adam's Oktoberfest twice, didn't like it. First ahd it in a bottle- no taste up front, a tiny, tiny touch of hops in teh middle, and an annoying malt flavor at the finish. Not nice maltiness, but a distillation of all the flavors of malt that's bad. Almost molasses-y. Makes me think of what artifical malt flavor would probably taste like if there were such a thing.

    On the presumption that maybe it was a bad sixer, I had it on tap yesterday. Sour all teh way through, no malt, no hops.

    Surprisingly, Sam put out a real stinker this time around. Normally I love their Oktoberfest offering and buy quite a lot of it. Not this year. I am glad the Oktoberfests are rolling out, though, I'm always excited to see what Spaten does.

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    Had a Smuttynose Big A IPA. That's a beer that embodies everythingn an IPA should have, in spades. More hops than you can shake a stick at, really pronounced citrus smells and a fruity, orange flavor on the back. Pretty tasty, though filling, like many IPAs. Good stuff, certainly lived up to my expectations of Smuttynose.

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