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    It's definitely not my favorite style but LN and Two Roads have the best that I've had. My wife loves it though
    15-16 Killington 11-17-16

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    14th Star Valor, very good brew
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    15-16 Killington 11-17-16

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    Quote Originally Posted by prsboogie View Post
    14th Star Valor, very god brew
    wow, that's quite a statement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prsboogie View Post
    14th Star Valor, very good brew
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    They put out some good beers. Tribute is my favorite from them.

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    I Love Apres'

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    No more beer or whiskey or any alcohol with new medicine I be taking. That OK it was time for stop using alcohol to medicate my depression. Going to start different types of meds and see how it goes.

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    Other Half 2nd Anniversary IIPA. Juicy goodness.

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    No more beer or whiskey for me.

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    Just got to try out my new home brew as it was finally ready today. It was based off a clone kit of Bissell Bros. Substance and it came out pretty good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckstah View Post
    Just had a Sebago Brewing Whistle Punk double IPA that I picked up in Maine yesterday. Very good with a taste similar to Second Fiddle at a much better price point.
    Agreed. Don't see that much Sebago in CT, but I'll keep my eyes out for this one.

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    Kent Falls Sweatpants on tap. Really good APA. On tap in Northampton at that 100 tap Irish pub place. Not bottled.

    Long Trail Smash Project #2. Wonderful combo with flavors from both coming through strong. With just a hint of dank skunk. Like you're wallowing in the most seductive perfume from a most attractive woman and the door opens and some cigar smoke blows in from the street. Went back for more. Twice.

    Treehouse Juice Machine. Over the top good. Damn, that cigar smoke creeps in on this one too. What is it with these dank beers?

    Beer'd. Stonington CT. Watch these guys. Tap only.

    Stillwater Give Way IPA. (NY) Good. Strong lemon notes without being at all sour. Different. Not a keeper though.

    Fort Hill Double Boch lager. (Western MA) Yummy, malty, IBU somewhere around -10. A great break from those heavy cloudy coat your tongue with hop oil DIPAs. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Jack's Abby barrel aged Framinghammer. (Baltic Porter) Get yourself some, light a fire and make popcorn.

    Burlington Beer Co. Another up and comer. Grab some of whatever you find and try some.

    I liked Tribute and Valor as well. Getting fat from all the extra 4oz these guys are making me drink.

    Foley Bros Citrennial. Very good, but at $9 a bottle, I'll get a 4 pack of something else.

    And if you find yourself in Colorado, Modus Hoperandi IPA. You can thank me later.

    HD333, that looks like a great selection. (Recently heard from Ms Moose: "Damnit, the fridge is full of beer again!")

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