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    Quote Originally Posted by highpeaksdrifter
    Nice! What's your hook?

    Working there.

    RIP Dynastar 63\'s. 11/O5-2/14/06

    She never graduated from any random high schools in Brooklyn, but she did belove to eat poop...She beloved that big pile of beloved cat poop...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg View Post
    I'm going to try to get in an extended stay at Sugarbush in Feb. or March... You?
    Spent a very cold week in early March in the MRV. Also manage a few quick overnights up there. Did your plans materialize?
    I ski double black diamonds.

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    just went to JH... KH next year...
    "Sometimes the rock n roll life is not all rainbows & fairy dust..." - Fake Jerry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc View Post
    New England destination: Sugarbush

    And MRV, Jay Peak, Magic, and the Loaf.

    Big trip still in the works: Snowbird/Alta, Powder Mountain... Park City still in the back of our head.
    Look me up when you come into town....i'll bring myself and some locals and we'll show you the "goods".


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    Quote Originally Posted by ski_resort_observer View Post
    Boulder is a totally fun town, like Burlington on steriods. Eldora is an easy day trip from there.
    And Eldora is GREAT when they get a dump...the back bowls there are excellent.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
    I'm in Boulder once a month (twice this month). I lived in Burlington when I went to UVM. I think it's something of a stretch to compare Burlington to Boulder.

    In Boulder, it doesn't go subzero for a couple of weeks every year in January. Most midwinter days, a fall jacket will do. When I lived in Burlington, I can remember a number of weeks where the high for the week was -2F.

    You just can't compare the local ski areas. Bolton Valley vs Eldora? Stowe & MRG/Sugarbush vs the Front Range? Size. Terrain. Average snow quality. Availability of back country. Boulder wins.

    Burlington sits on a fairly large lake. It's green all summer. Boulder turns brown in June from lack of rain and stays that way all summer.

    Everybody in Boulder is from California. Everybody in Burlington is from New York. The only thing they have in common is the Birkenstocks with similar freakin' hippie density.

    Pearl Street in Boulder is a fine example of how to do a pedestrian mecca. Church Street is pretty laughable.

    Boulder is so much more affluent that the restaurant scene is really good. It's a great place to be on expense account.

    Both places suffer from the blight of uncontrolled suburban sprawl. Because Boulder sits on prarie land with no trees, it's more jarring.

    Boulder wins the microbrew contest about just about anyplace.
    I think the poster meant that the "vibe" was like Burlington on Steroids.....lots of "crunchies" there....a la burlington.


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    Its amazing how many people that posted to this thread are coming to Utah...i'd say its like 85%....crazy...guess I picked the right place to move.

    Oh and Andy...even is Solitude did get more snow when you were out here....Snowbirds STILL open..


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    Whistler and Zacopane (Poland) are my two targets for next year.

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