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    Quote Originally Posted by Cannonball View Post
    Get Quiver Killers

    You'll solve your concerns about re-mounting AND you'll be able to swap bindings back and forth.
    Holy crap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huck_It_Baby View Post
    Thanks for feed back guys.

    Not sure what I should do. I have had some tell me not to do a remount and some say go ahead.

    Some say don't go with markers. Some say go with them.

    Some say get a new setup just for touring.

    I dunno what to do.

    You shpould bring the skis into a shop that sells the binding. They will have the template to line up on your current set up. If they will go on and not effecgt the integrity of the ski then noe problem. I use the dukes. The barons will get you everywhere you want to go. you will have a bad ass backcountry set up for about 500 bucks

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    No Big Deal

    Have them mounted by a shop that has a jig/template
    In most cases the old hole pattern will not cause a conflict.

    I think the barons are great for touring while still sturdy enough for daily resort skiing.
    You can PM me and I'll shot you an AZ-AT Code to save you $140 of MSRP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huck_It_Baby View Post
    Hey I appreciate the offer, thank you! I'm in Western NY and haven't bought the bindings yet.

    I wanted to put the the barons on some new prophets originally.

    Have you skied your setup yet? I would love to hear what you think!

    They are really easy to install. I had no problem installing. The template amkes it easy, Good luck. I have not hit a pow day yet. I will let you know how they ski.
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    I had to take my skis to ...NYC eastern mountain sports..there was no one on Long Island who could mount mine.....kind of strange....
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    Without knowing how far it was for you, at least you could go there. Of three EMS stores in the Philly area only one has ski gear, for XC! They had Tele boots a few years ago and got rid of all boot fitting equipment when they stopped carrying them so cant help with dot com purchases. The one REI in our area had Dukes for sale last year but not this year, you're post reminded me to ask if they're still able to mount F10 tour's ordered online.
    Ps., AZ-AT code?

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    It was fun dragging the skis (in a travel tube) and carrying my boots and the bindings in a backpack from Long Island through Manhattan and back......good workout. I was just worried about gwetting stopped and searched at Penn Station..the tube looks like a bazzooka..
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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