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    I've heard there's some good backcountry up the cog railway, maddison trail I believe... Anyone been up there? I've recently purchased a house in Bethlehem nh and I'm looking for some good BC in the area

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    Hiked Uncanoonuc today to scout. The North Peak is skiable believe it or not.
    I know, I know kind of far south but it's a hill and it works when you live 2 minutes away.
    One more of these Thanksgiving storms and this thing is going to be fun.

    Try Mount Cardigan. It has some really good trails there and I am sure they are really close to skiable as well.

    Hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Doing some cleanup, you guys still think this should be stickied?
    I think it's safe to say that with 43 replies in nearly 4 years, this thread is a dud.

    I think it should be moved elsewhere
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    Maybe things will pick up once the bc conditions ripen up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guyot View Post
    Maybe things will pick up once the bc conditions ripen up.
    Exactly my thought. Also, it should be considered that the expected participation will be low. Majority of members of Alpinezone are most likely lift service skiers/riders, so interest in bc conditions may not be all that great to begin with.
    Part of this is the fact that bc skiing opportunities out here in the north east are not great. Wild skiable terrain is rather limited to places like Mt. Cardiagan and Mt. Washington and few others (I'm limiting myself to just NH) and then there a bunch of secret to semi-secret lines and stashes that various people know about. But these are not likely to be discussed here.
    Yet, it's good to have this thread. It adds to the variety.
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    Vermont has a thriving backcountry ski scene. I don't get out skinning nearly enough. If I travel north I usually hit up lift service skiing. Around here I head up to some spots near the Vermont border but they generally don't fill in until February. Most winters I'll get a solid 2-4 week window of bc skiing which isn't horrible considering how far south I am.

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    Just got some skins and I'm dying to use them... My home base is off 302 in Bethlehem nh... Right behind rosa flamingos! May do some snooping around with the dog the last week of December.

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    Finally got out. I don't have skins or AT gear. But like the good ol days we packed them up and off we went today.
    The conditions were fantastic! Dropped in at about noon time where the trail was packed powder and the sun was splashing down.
    Below zero wind chills all day and we still bumped into at least 8 other downhill skiers. Most were skinning with the exception of a few that had boards.
    Left the snow shoes in the car but managed to only punch through at a few drifts on the way up. Should of had them though.
    Might do a camping trip soon with a few days of backcountry. Miss those good ol days. Been really busy lift access, not to mention burnt out from working during the weeks - but I may have been reborn. I have respect for the back country traffic so where will remain a mystery. All I can say is don't miss out, get out there.
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    Great stuff! I agree, please post if there are any groups going

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetrailboss View Post
    I figured I would post this thread/sticky to offer sites that discuss the conditions in the backcountry. As always, ski at your own risk and AZ nor myself accept any responsibility or liability for what you do using the information provided here. Be Prepared in the backcountry. Know how to rescue yourself if need be and know the area and the weather.

    Information for popular destinations:

    Tuckerman Ravine, Huntington Ravine, the Presidentials.

    Katahdin/Baxter State Park (look to the right for an update). Note that BSP has tight regulations for those seeking to backcountry ski.

    The Higher Summits of the Green Mountains.

    Bolton Valley's Nordic Center (which has extensive BC options).

    If anyone has other sources, please post them. I could not find one for Greylock or the Adirondacks.
    is it worth skiing in BC?

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