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    court got robbed!! she is much hotter than the pics she posted and is great skier.
    she put too many pics of skiing and not enough bikini shots like the other girls did.

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    Lange marketing is certainly missing the boat.

    The idea is to attract people to your business. A voting contest that got some attention is a decent idea. Proving it to be false advertising, not so much. That the total number of votes was only about 3,000 indicates it's not reaching too many.

    When one contestant manages to "find" one third of the total votes, and is then dismissed, is the act of fools. I just don't think people buy boots cause the girl in the add is a little hotter.

    Jess figured out how to generate 1/3 of the total interest in this promotion. My guess is that she would have been better at attracting buyers too.

    At the very least, a Lange Ski Instruction Tour, which she is qualified to instruct. Targeted at people/skill level in position to move from rentals to boot ownership would sell more boots !

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