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    Climbing films

    Iím thinking many of you have seen this stuff but I watched Free Solo recently and was blown away.

    Thatís on Hulu right now if you subscribe. However, I recommend watching The Dawn Wall on Netflix before watching Free Solo. It gives useful context.

    Additionally, I recommend Meru, currently on Amazon Prime. It covers Jimmy Chin, who won an Oscar for directing Free Solo. These are all awesome films.

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    Iíve seen Meru, took me 3 times to get through it, too heavy. Dawn wall is on my list. Iíll check the others out after for sure.

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    Free Solo was on the National Geographic channel. Not sure they are still running it there but worth searching for if you get that channel.

    If you like Alex Honnold check out Sufferfest 1 and 2 on Vimeo.

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