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    Columbus Day Weekend Free Camping - Oct 6-9 - Twin Mtn, NH

    And you're invited!
    See the complete details here!!

    Our New England Hiking & Adventurer's Group. http://hiking.meetup.com/283
    Knowledge. Events. Fellowship. And more!

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    Anyone interested in the Osceolas & Hancocks & Hale this weekend? Here is the plan.

    On Saturday start Osceolas from Tripoli Rd at ~4:30 AM Bag peaks, maybe catch sunrise. Head back down to car (should take ~5-6 hrs). Travel up to Hancock parking lot at the hairpin on the kanc. probably start this one off at around 11:00-12:00. This is another 5-6 hour hike.

    On Sunday hike Hale from the Zealand rd whenever I wake up (usually 6:30-7). this is a quick 4.4 mile hike.

    There is a shred of a chance that I may do the willey-field-tom traverse too on sunday after hale (if time and energy permit).

    PM me if anyone is game.

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    Next Weekend.

    Here is my plan for next weekend (10/28,29):

    Saturday Morning: Whiteface and Passaconaway in that order in a loop (blueberry, rollins, dicey trail)

    Saturday Afternoon: Cabot (via bunnel)
    Sunday Morning: Waumbek (via star)

    If there is any interest let me know so I can toss out some more details. There will be pressure to move fast as I do have a ~20 mile agenda on Saturday. Not so much on Sunday. Saturday hike will start ~5am. Expect snow. Weather prediction is not so friendly.

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    With a sick child & bad weather planned for Saturday I've decided not to head to Nh but looking for a 10+ mile hike in South Taconics or Greylock Sunday. Was thinking maybe Jug End to Everett.
    Anyone interested? Probably windy, maybe icy?
    Happy Trails, be safe & Good Luck
    Mike P.

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    Hey everyone,

    I am finishing up my NH48 this weekend. I would really like to have some company up Isolation since It looks like none of my friends can make it.

    Here is the weekend Itenerary:

    Saturday: Tripyramids North And Middle. I need to do a TP rematch cause I biked them back in August. I will be approaching VIA pine bend this time (from the kanc)

    Sunday: Isolation, My 48th 4000 footer. Starting at the crack of dawn from Rte 16. I plan to bushwhack if conditions are favorable.

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    Hey Marc,

    I haven't heard and didn't read, did ya finish the 48?
    Our New England Hiking & Adventurer's Group. http://hiking.meetup.com/283
    Knowledge. Events. Fellowship. And more!

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    Mendon & Dorset

    Hi Everyone, Im thinking of doing Mendon and Dorset this weekend (12/2,3). I can combine Mendon with a trip up to Killington summit. This is a NEHH peakbagging adventure. I am flexible with regards to dates and time although I tend to favor "early". If I am not doing Killington I may well just go ahead and bag Mendon and Dorset on the same day.

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    Thumbs up Arethusa Falls & Frankenstein Cliff! 12/9

    Saturday, December 9, 2006, 9:45 AM

    Arethusa Falls parking lot
    Spur Road off Rte 302, 3.4 miles past (South) of the Willey House site.
    Bright blue "Scenic View" sign at the start of this paved road.
    Bretton Woods , NH 03575

    The Hike:
    An easy hike and a great social & scenic adventure to visit the tallest falls in the state, then hike to one of the easiest to climb bluffs with spectacular views of the waterfalls, the valley, and the mountains! There are a pair of Peregrine Falcons nesting, so there is a chance we may see one soaring. We also learn why these two places are named so. This round trip loop hike is only 4.7 miles, 1400' of elevation gain in a book time of 3.5 hours. We'll have plenty of rest stops. Ideal for children and those that haven't hiked in a while.

    After the hike we'll have a late lunch at the excellent Good 'n You Restaurant & Lounge, 631 Rte 3 South in Twin Mtn. Make new friends, meet old friends!
    Our New England Hiking & Adventurer's Group. http://hiking.meetup.com/283
    Knowledge. Events. Fellowship. And more!

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    When: Sunday, December 10, 2006, 9:45 AM

    Where: Lafayette Campground
    Route 93 in Franconia Notch State Park
    Lincoln , NH 03251

    The Hike: We're going get some breath taking 360 degree views of all the mountains via the Lonesome Lake, Fishin' Jimmy, and Kinsman Ridge Trails! We can fill up our water when we arrive at Lonesome Lake Hut from both the near beginning and near end which is 1.7 miles from the campground parking lot. This round trip loop hike is a moderate hike that is 10.0 miles, 3550' of elevation gain, and completed in about 7 hours.

    Welcome to the Four Thousand Foot Fitness & Fun Club! Summit all 48 4k'ers and receive your official A.M.C. scroll and a patch for your pack. Go to the message boards to ask questions and learn the answers. After the hike, our group will have dinner at the fantastic Woodstock Inn & Brewery. The Friday, December 1, '06 release of their new Wassail Ale is another reason to be there!
    Our New England Hiking & Adventurer's Group. http://hiking.meetup.com/283
    Knowledge. Events. Fellowship. And more!

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