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    The Bonds are a bit of a major hike for an introduction to the area. How about you start a new thread in the hiking forum and pose the question there, and throw out some information on your experience level, and we should be able to point you in the right direction.

    Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face. - Dave Barry
    Waterville 11/30; Loon 12/7; Cannon 12/13, 1/17, 2/23; Sugarloaf 12/20, 21-22; Bretton Woods 1/3; Jay Peak 1/24-25; Heavenly 2/9; Squaw Valley 2/10-2/11; Wachusett 3/3; Sunday River 3/7-8

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    Good morning Michael,

    It seems that there is not much interest so far in my new thread (no responses)... May be I should have given a more "marketable" title...?


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    I am in Medford, MA and have recently developed an interest in rappelling, primarily if I want to self-evac from a chairlift. I used to be on a ski patrol. I have some equipment, and looking for somebody who might be willing to show me the ropes...

    have: locking carabiners. rappel ring, 60 ft of new 8.5mm static line, webbing, harness...

    stomping grounds: Middlesex Fells Reservation

    PLEASE contact me.

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    My Friend is Hiking the AT Now, Tweeting Along the Way

    Hey... I wanted to pass along a blog my friend put together for his 2010 AT hike (he's currently on his fifth day of the trip).

    If you want to read about his trip or follow him on Twitter or even find out where you can thru hike with him, check out his Appalachian Trail blog. He'll probably be checking his website once a week, maybe... when he can get to a public computer, and has been reading comments from past thru hikers and supporters.

    This is his second thru hike on the Appalachian Trail (his first hike was in 2003 and he's also hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2007) and this time he's blogging his trip straight from the trail.

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    My stomping grounds are Maine. I make a handful of trips to Baxter State Park each year as well as Acadia. I hike a lot of the AT typically from Saddleback to Katahdin each season. I hit the Moosehead Lake area quite frequently as well as 100 mile wilderness. Each year I make a trip or two to the Whites. PM me if you need some local advice on Maine hikes or possible partner. I have also thru hiked the AT and Cohos Trail in NH

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    Any backcountry skiers/boarders in the New England area looking to meet up for some touring this winter? I just moved back east from the Tetons last summer and looking to get into the Presidentials (Great Gulf, Gulf of Slides, Tucks), and find some stashes in Vt.
    Most of my buddies here are resort skiers and/or are married with kids. Hoping to find some experienced bc travelers. Hit me up if you want to make some turns!

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    Good bump, welcome to the forums Yurtee!
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    Skiing any day! You are limited with snowboarding. Although it is still pretty cool. I do both.My favorite sport is snowboard cross – I love it! And I like all kinds of snow sport: Snowboarding, Skiing or Snow Skiing, water skiing, skiing and snowboarding Winter Sports

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    Located in MA. I try and get up to NH for day hikes as much as possible. Always up for an adventure, NH, ME, VT, winter, spring, summer, fall, whatever. I have my eye on Adams, Jefferson, and Lafayette for the near future.

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