Want Some Friends to Hike With? The AZ Hitch-Hiker Guide!


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    Thumbs up Want Some Friends to Hike With? The AZ Hitch-Hiker Guide!

    Got the idea to post this thread after reading this thread.

    If you are going to be hiking this summer and would like some company from AZ, feel free to post the areas where you hike and how folks can contact you! I hope that this spurs some AZ Hiking Outings and interest in hiking...once we get better weather


    Here are "my stomping grounds." Folks who would like company or advice, feel free to PM me:

    White Mountain 4000 Footers
    Central and Northern Greens
    NEK and Central Vermont Mountains
    Ski Areas
    Wapack and Monadnock Regions
    Other NH Areas Beyond the Whites
    Some experience with the 'Dacks

    Live, Ski, or Die!

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    The Hudson Highlands are my stomping grounds. I am on Breakneck Ridge almost everyday, usually 6:00AM on weekdays.


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    im in Jersey, but am willing to travel for the right hiking opportunities....

    I am planning to move to the Whites VERY SOON, so locations may change but hiking will reamain a constant....

    Right now im available for dayhikes in:

    Lower Hudson Valley

    Overnight hikes:

    Just about anywhere in the New England region..


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    my stomping grounds are the white mountains primarily, especially northern and north eastern realms in the route 2, route 3, route 302, and I-93 areas. looking to get to know the higher peaks in the greens as well. and of course, i hike burke a lot and am looking to explore the willoughby area in VT more. always down for some company, i generally hike alone which is not as fun, but sometimes the quiet and calm is refreshing.
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    My primary stomping grounds are the Holyoke Range and Mt Tom in Western Mass. I'm well versed in the Whites but still have many nuggets to explore out there. I'm also becoming quite familar with Mt Greylock. I would hope that we could have an AZ group for the Flags on the 48 event in the White Mountains. Maybe <cough cough> Greg will issue you guys a challenge.

    Happy trails gang!

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    Cal, I'm planning an after work walk in the Holyokes when I get back from Vacation, 07/18, should get there around 6:20 at the State Park building in the Notch between Norwottuck & Bare.

    I head out usually once a month, soomtimes more if work brings me close to the mountains. I try & get to ADK's twice a year, Catskills, ME & VT 1X a year & usually get to Holyokes, Tom & Taconic area once a year/ My main destination is the Whites though, usually more than one 4K peak at a time.

    Schedule is usually hectic so I'll pick a date in advance & then two different hikes, one for good weather & one for bad weather.
    Happy Trails, be safe & Good Luck
    Mike P.

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    NW CT is my hiking stomping grounds, although I haven't gotten up there much the past few years (home life has been busy). Anyway, here are some of my standard routes:

    • Undermountain --> AT --> Bear (up-and-back or down AT to Sages --> Paradise --> Under Mountain)
    • Lion's Head to Bear via AT (rather long up-and-back [~8 miles?] but with a long flat section in the middle)
    • Race Brook Falls to Race (up-and-back)
    • South Taconic Trail to Alander (up-and-back)
    • Prospect Mountain/Rand's View - AT (flat and easy)
    It's a great area. Here are some images:

    Alander Mountain - August 19, 2001
    Mount Everett and Mount Race - December 10, 2000
    Race Brook Falls - November 12, 2000
    Prospect Mountain / Rand's View - November 5, 2000
    Tri-State Loop - October 14/15, 2000
    Bear Mountain - October 8, 2000
    More Alander Mountain - September 19, 1999

    For Trip reports, see:

    Bear & Round Mountains - October 12, 2001
    Mount Washington State Forest / Riga Plateau - December 10, 2000
    Mount Bear & Sages Ravine - October 24, 2000
    Race Brook Falls/Mount Race - October 24, 1999

    This truly is a wonderful area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentCal
    I'm also becoming quite familar with Mt Greylock.
    Happy trails gang!

    I might entertain hiking/skinning this in winter and skiing back down..supposed to be a backcountry gem..

    Let me know if thats something you're interested in.


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    I love to hike anywhere in the Whites and the lower half of Maine. If any readers need a hiking partner during the week, just pm me and ghostdog and I will be delighted join you.

    Happy trails!!
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    My wive, our dog and I are in the process of hiking the NH 4000-footers. Once our son gets a lil bigger (only 2.5 weeks now) we'll be hitting the trails again. We will probably be hitting smaller peaks for a while until we see how he likes the hikes.

    We live in Hooksett so we can get to the lakes region and southern NH easily. We will probably hit up Rattlesnake in Holderness and Major in Alton sometime this summer.

    This fall I'm hoping to get back to the 4000-footers. Below is a list of 4's that we have left:
    Mount Washington
    Mount Jefferson
    Mount Monroe
    Mount Twin, South Peak
    Mount Eisenhower
    Mount Twin North Peak
    Mount Bond
    Mount Bond, West Peak
    Mount Kinsman, South Peak
    Mount Pierce [Clinton]
    Mount Kinsman, North Peak
    Zealand Mountain
    Cannon Mountain
    Mount Hale
    Mount Jackson
    Mount Waumbek

    So if you want to hike any these peaks or want info on any of the other 4's PM me.

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