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    What kind of GPS do ya have...I have an etrex and already smashed the handlebar mount..Had to backtrack to find the green gps unit in the leaves....gonna try to fab a stronger one.......Rode up at Waldo SF on monday...great day, but possibly my last ride of the season


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    I bought the mount for my gps-60, which is my favorite hand-held. Best lock on and toughest construction compared to my (r.i.p) micrologics, (r.i.p.) magellan,and e-trex. I find the e-trex loses the signal quite often in the woods. I only bought it because I lost my 60 on my boat for 2 years, and wanted a back up for marine use. Hopefully the mount will hold up; I don't think I pound the trails with the same abandon you do, though I probably crash as hard

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    Ha ha...I doubt you saw woodcore and myself together...When ive ridden with him hes usually a mile ahead


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    you're right. He was blasting some twisties, while I was pretending I wasn't lost. I think I met you by the fields and you gave me some beta on the trail out that way, which was appreciated.

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