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    Well I basically camp two ways.

    When i travel I use this. Its nice because it has everything, sleeps 4 (although we never did) and is small to fit in any campground or event I do(stagehand work).

    This is my home camp at a marina. I pretty much live here for most of Spring to Fall. Friends and family enjoy it. It can easily be trailer-ed but there's no need.

    And I have several tents and stuff we use when we get into it.

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    Hey lol

    any of you guys ever go muskrat fishing???lol We got a tournament this weekend lol...

    check it out..

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    Nice vehicles MPD!

    Think I really should include: Always Looking for places that can be skied..wherever.
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    thanks. I just wish it would warm up here in the ne....Im three shades of tanning behind last year lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by hammer View Post
    How do you camp? One of our summer activities is camping, although going to campgrounds with a pop-up trailer isn't everybody's idea of camping...
    They're really convenient in remote areas hammer....

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    beach volleyball, skiing, snowboarding!!!!

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    learning that road biking is still great in the winter so long as the roads are clear!

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    Hoping to get back out on the bike soon so I can stop riding entirely on the trainer, but it's predominantly been indoor biking for me, running, snowshoe running, and snowboarding. Also looking forward to getting back out on nordic skis this winter for the first time in years.

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    Oh... and SCUBA diving, obviously... in Mexico...

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    Camping, used to do a bit of canoe camping, but nowdays I'm more often using this:

    or this:

    I also recently took up the challenge of learning to surf, and I enjoy low key mtn biking a bit.

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