This site seems to cater towards skiers the most but obviously it is full of all varieties of mountain and outdoor athletes. I'm curious if the users of AZ are all around outdoor athletes. What outdoor sports do you participate in?

I : hike/backpack, snowshoe, XC ski, Downhill ski, Mt bike, road bike, kayak

I probably skied seriously before the others but I would say my main outdoor sport is hiking and backpacking. I have hiked most areas of the northeast including an AT thru hike and have been many areas in the west. I used to race MTB occasionally but only casually ride now. I used to road ride a lot until I moved to Maine and am two dirt roads away from a paved road. I XC ski more than I downhill but still love to hit the slopes, price is my primary barrier to more days downhill. Depending on the water situation, I get in a dozen or so days kayaking flat and moving water.