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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul View Post
    I grew-up on a diary. I thought my Grandfather was crazy for using Bag-Balm. (On his heels ,they used to get so dry they'd split)
    Since reading about bag balm in this thread 2 years ago, I've been through a few of the larger tins. That stuff is something else. Great for dry skin in the winter.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul View Post
    Bump for GSS will be gone for awhile stoke!

    AH Yeah and in the spirit of this thread MAY any future "BUMPS" for stoke or otherwise

    be red ,, runny and itchy . Got Cruex??
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    We use it all the tme for various stuff. Bag Balm that is.
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    My wicking undershorts, whether it be for skiing or hiking....not quite as long as andyzee's riding shorts...but pretty close. Quad, glute, and butt exercises really help..

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    Folks, I go a different direction, exactly the same issues as describe in post #1 here. Thank you skizilla for bringing it up.

    I work construction so long pants are often needed but I do have days of shorts and t-shirts. Doesn't matter, it is physical work and sweating is a given. Add a carpenter's apron to the mix and it ain't fun.

    But when I go hiking, I wear jogging shorts, with the built in stretch underwear. Not snug. Incidence of the rash is way down with that, nearly non existant. The old tighty whities are replaced in summer with silk boxers.

    Biggest reasons for the rash are that I am fairly hairy and I am a bit overweight, would love to drop another 20 lbs (down 8 now, currently 184). Never had that problem when I was at 170 or less. 160 was even better, energy wise.

    When it happens, baby powder works and an easier day the next day works well. After a while, I am convinced the skin toughens up as later in summer, it's less of a problem.
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    Gross..just gross...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrilledSteezeSandwich View Post
    Gross..just gross...

    Just wait til it happens to you. You'll be very thankful for the multitude of suggestions here.

    But I gotta agree, it ain't the most pleasant subject for dinnertime.
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    Bag balm rules, anything that lubes a cow's udders must be good. I generally use it on my feet in the winter after I spent the summer and fall cheese grating my soles. Never had crotch rot and only a hemmy twice in 47 years, I consider myself lucky.
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    bag balm rules, I also agree on hot umid days jogging shorts help two. My first trip on Owl's Head in NH was brutal, the lat three miles I walked with my feet beyond shoulder length apart.

    Now any time I have a 12+ mile day planned, I'm thinking jogging shorts & bag balm. A friend also swears by bodyglide
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    ....been good friends with gold bond for many years

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