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    Quote Originally Posted by BeanoNYC
    This may be an easier way to buy it. You may get some weird looks from your mail carrier.

    btw...Oprah endorses it; it must be good.
    Perfect! We have a PO box and my wife is the one who collects the mail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madman
    I had the same problem in the past tried all kinds of solutions none worked. I worked with a Vietnam vet and he told me the cure for jungle rot! Thats what they called it NO UNDERWEAR , loose breathable cloths, Wash & Dri* when ever you can. This has worked for me hiking for over 20 yrs .Let the boys go free
    K just from personal experience..this is EXACTLY how I got the chafing...I wasnt wearing underwear...on a 25 mile hike.....let me tell you...WEAR UNDERWEAR...back in Vietnam they did not have the benefit of having advanced materials like wicking we have them..USE THEM......

    The "bike shorts" idea is also a good one, however it might get OVERLY hot in there..those things dont breathe all that well as I rememebr...


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    Quote Originally Posted by JimG.
    Perfect! We have a PO box and my wife is the one who collects the mail.
    Jim now you have to buy it just for the reaction from her.

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    Red face Many Thanks

    Thanks for all your ideas and keep them coming. I have tried gold bond and it helps but does not last. I have tried a form of bag balm but that absorbs right in relativly quickly as well. Vaseline might be good to try as well as bike shorts which stick right to you. I definately want to check out the BUT PASTE though I read some stuff on it and it looks awesome. Nice to know that a thirty five year old man is essentially suffering from diaper rash!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkiDog
    The "bike shorts" idea is also a good one, however it might get OVERLY hot in there..those things dont breathe all that well as I rememebr...

    For lack of better words I said bike type shorts. What I meant were tights, like biking shorts, but without the padding. This keeps stuff from rubbing together. Used to use these for running all the time. Not sure if they still make them though since, I don't run anymore.

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    In college I worked for that national house painting company that hires college kids. Only a few weeks into the season I developed this problem. I tried everything and then I finally figured it had to be heat related. I started packing an ice pack and applying it to the area during lunch and it solved the problem. The first application was tough, but once it started to fix the problem it became easy. Of course I did this away from the rest of the crew.

    Currently I walk about 3-5 miles per night to keep the pounds off and i developed the problem again. This time it is related to chaffing (sp?) and I have solved it with bike shorts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimG.
    Are these names for real? Cause if they are I have to go to CVS and pick up a bottle of each just for the comic value.
    Those are real and so is this:

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    the butt paste works wonders on my son's diaper rash. Next time I get chub I'll have to try.

    BTW - bag balm was orginally made for cows and rashes from milking I believe. Not sure why I know this .. . maybe my dad told me as he grew up on farm.

    And actually he is the info of bag balm: It is made in lyndonville,VT (is that the same town that the Packing House is in) If so I'm sure it is not a coincidence (sp?)

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    Give any of the baby ointments a try. My son never had any diaper rash and we used Balmex and A&D Ointment exclusively. The Balmex is kind of creamy, and has the feel of zinc oxide (maybe that's what's in it?) whereas the A&D is more greasy like Vaseline.

    I'll second the bike shorts suggestion as well. Keeps the tender skin from getting any more so.
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    1 pound jar of Butt Paste, available at Wal-Mart for $16. That'd be a fun one to plunk up on the register.

    There's also some chamois creme with a funny name, that I can't remember. Don't want to get too much of that on the boys, though. Think IcyHot, but not quite as painful.

    Bag Balm was originally made for cow udders (hence the name), but it really works well. its something like 60% lanolin, 40% grease.

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