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    My whole family and I skied Mt. Hood on August 1st. My mother-in-law, who hadn't skied since 1990 was up for the task, my wife's uncle, who hadn't skied in 10+ years and my son, 6, ripped up the slopes!!!! My wife, son and I have skied quite a bit this year, but nothing could compare to this day.

    First, we headed to Government Camp the day before the trip. My wife's uncle, who lives a few miles off of Hood recommended the place for free demos rather than renting on the mountain. We all picked up demo skis and boots that didn't quite fit us, but served the purpose. We had a hard time finding all sizes as it is hit or miss and had to rent or borrow poles. We ultimately had to rent for our 6 year old as the demo shops did not offer smaller sizes (nothing less than 140s) Nevertheless, we were all excited to get a good day on the slopes with our family. The weather was great, a little chilly at the top - especially at the top of Palmer chair. Hat, gloves, ski pants, fleece all recommened. The snow was hardpack in the early am, and then loosened up a little towards noon - it warms up pretty quickly then. It was pretty crowded with campers, so it was a little busier in the later morning. The Magic Mile chairlift feels pretty long as you carry your skis up, but pretty smooth. We enjoyed free snowcones after our day. FUN.

    It was nice to have 3 generations on the slopes and all parties renewed their love for the sport. Let's hope that this is the beginning of a family tradition!
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    GREAT report.

    Thanks for posting!!!
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    How is the snow holding up on the Palmer snowfield with al of the recent heat. Usually by this time of the year the volcanic ash starts to show up in the snowpack as it melts. Can you ski most of the way down to the lodge?
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    All the way from the top of palmer to the top of the mile!
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    Fantastic. It was in the 40's over the weekend in the White's and I was thinking show. you were skiing it.

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