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    I'm Old-School...Seemeless High-Top Leathers... kind of a Chuck Taylor standard...

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    generally I'm in my Asolo fsn 95's. these are stiff; took a long time to break in, but if I lace them just right they're super comfortable and offer great toe protection and ankle support, as well as being goretex.Very tight and visibly smaller than my other boots. I also use some Rockport xcs which are a lo-cut waterproof shoe, which almost cost me an ankle the other day. Winters I'm often in my waterproof Timberlands, due to the fact I can go with heavy socks in these clodhoppers.

    If you're looking into Asolo, check out Sierra Trading Post. They carry a lot of hiking boots, Merrell, columbia etc...

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    Went from the Asolo Power Matic 500s from a couple years ago to Garmont Zenith Mid GTX this spring.

    Asolo makes a nice boot. I really liked the Power Matic while I had them, they took me down the Long Trail thru-hiking and many many more miles before then. The soles on them are delaminating which is a bummer, I kind of expected more from such an expensive boot even though they probably have 500 or so miles on them. Shoe Goo should extend their life for a little while.

    But when it comes down to it, they are such ridiculous overkill. I fell in love with the Garmonts and the light hiker boot variety right away. All you're doing wearing full leather is weighing down your legs and making it harder on yourself. And I have a left ankle that likes to turn on me, I haven't had any more of a problem with the Garmonts than I did with the Asolo. Never going back.

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    I hike a lot of miles, mostly in Maine and a fair bit in the Whites. I've been hiking in low shoes for a long time. I hiked the AT in high boots but learned to hike lighter so I can get away with the low cuts and I have strong ankles. I used a pair of Vasque trail runners for a few years including a through hike of the Cohos Trail. They were great except northern NH is wet and the shoes were not waterproof. I moved into a pair of Merrell Moab low GTX. They fit great but the treads aren't the best in wet conditions. The only backpacking I've done in them was a two day extended peak bagging 40 mile version of the Pemi Loop. All in all they were good, my feet stayed dry but I had issues, especially in the Garfield Shelter area which was swimming with water. In all fairness I probably would of had footing issues in any shoe. I have had issues with the footing in the Moabs on wet rocks though in Baxter State Park, Bigelows, and Acadia. My Vasques were much more sure footed.
    Now I am in a pair of Keen Targhee II Low. I haven't used them enough to form an opinion yet as I just got them.
    Living in Northern New England I must have something waterproof as the trails I hike usually involve some wet areas. I prefer a low cut and something with a chunkier sole to take a rocky 3-4000 foot decent without sore feet. The Keen seemed to fit the bill on all these.
    In the winter I use a Technica light mountaineering boot. I forget the name as they are 10 years old now but they are rough out one piece leather, very luggy mountaineering sole and crampon compatible and bomb proof without killing my feet.

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    This time of year I use La Sportivas on the trails, depending upon what I plan to expect - Wildcat GTX when I want some waterproof qualities and the Raptor when I prefer not to have the waterproof quality (after awhile, waterproof tends to keep the water in). Good fit, excellent grip, decent durability.

    Blew out Vasques and Merrells quickly (after 2-4 weeks each). Worst ankle sprain I ever had hiking was wearing Asolos, allegedly for ankle protection. Found Montrails to be comfortable but not at all grippy.

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    appreciate the info. on the ankles. I roll my ankle on occasion, but seem to catch myself and basically let my leg collapse before anything sprains. Hiking in the Whites in a few weeks, and been thinking of wearing my lo-cut Rockports. They're so comfortable, while my Asolos have my feet on fire on occasion. Dayhikes, figuring on Franconia Ridge loop, and Mt. Adams/maybe Jefferson. What do you think about lo cut shoes for these hikes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattm59 View Post
    Dayhikes, figuring on Franconia Ridge loop, and Mt. Adams/maybe Jefferson. What do you think about lo cut shoes for these hikes?
    I personally prefer low cuts on those hikes during summer. I prefer larger boots in summer in muddy/high water/thick bushwhacking conditions.

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    thanks. I'm going to bring my Asolos and the Rockports, but will try the Rockports out first. Bought a pair of semi-dressy Rockports as well, real comfortable and soft sole. Never wear them, might give them a shot as well......ah, the beauty of base camping day trips

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    According to the website, they shifted production to Bavaria in the 70s
    I think it's a two part company. Custom stuff is made at their place in Intervale and the stock boots are made in Bavaria. I think they may even be treated as two seperate companies, not sure, but I did notice when doing further research, once website for Limmer is called Limmer and Sons (Custom Boots) and then there is Limmer Boots (Stock Boots).

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    Anyone else have an opinion on a light weight mid for some ankle support since I too always roll my ankle. Was thinking the Merrell Moabs since all my past Merrell have fit me perfectly.
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