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    Belleville 990's for spring/summer/fall...

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    I bought these Keen Erickson PCT boots earlier this year but finally got to use them for Sept hikes.

    I had to buy 1/2 size larger than the keen shoes I own. These boots needed virtually no breakin time. I've always had to break in boots but these are perfect after just a couple of hikes. I have a hard time finding boots that fit because Ihave wide feet and a high arch but these fit great.
    They are waterproof too, I walked through some streams to check if they were indeed waterproof and my feet stayed dry.

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    ive got 2 pairs for different climates / weather / terrain. I have high top waterproofs for cold / wet / muddy, and vibram five fingers for everything else! barefoot is the way forward!

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    This is basically the ultimate "whatever works for you" question but I wear LL Bean Cresta hikers, the all leather models. They are heavy by modern standards for most applications but I find them comfortable and durable and the weight is not an issue for me. I use them year round.

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    recently spent 11 days in my Waterproof Teva boots(I think they're these)
    while on a trip to the West coast. Packed light, so it was just these for footwear. I was real happy with how they held up. I didn't hike all that much, but had a 15 mile day walking around San Francisco, a night jumping to Primus, several short hikes of a couple miles, and a lot of time kicking large balls in a muddy pasture for my sisters dogs. Got home, the mud washed off, and the boots look the same. Light and comfortable. Traded my Asolos in for these, and got a pair of mesh Columbias as well. Pix of the trip here...it was a blast. 5' of snow on Mt. Hood, 60 and sunny in frisco...and everything in between.

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    Water poof hiking boots are very important for you if you are the first time hiker for keeping your feet dry. Make sure that your boots should be high over your ankles for extra support. It is good for you if your shoes have the good grip. Hiking in an open country will generally involve wet areas; therefore the good hiking shoes are ideal. If you have bad quality hiking boots, then the water will come over the top and your feet will get wet and muddy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thetrailboss View Post
    Depends. Most times I wear my Asolo 520's for "hiking:"

    I tried on a pair of those yesterday. On the heavy side but pretty comfortable. Probably overkill for what I need. I also tried on the Lowa Renegades. Would be the perfect boot, light and comfortable but didn't fit good lengthwise.
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