Sugarloaf/USA: AZ Challenge-2006 Response/Feedback Thread


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    Sugarloaf/USA: AZ Challenge-2006 Response/Feedback Thread

    Bill's responses are in:

    Took long enough.....

    Seriously, I sent them over at 10:30 last night and the responses were back to me shortly after 2 pm this afternoon...

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    Oh My Gosh Corner

    For those that havn't been to "Oh My Gosh Corner":

    I ski double black diamonds.

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    I love that place!!!
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    Reggae : I got the answer to my question. April 22nd closing. Back to the recent past. Looks like last year was just last year.
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    I'm excited about the terrain park move. Hopefully the move will make some of the park rats use double runner long side or something instead of the superquad. I'm so sick of the Superquad being mobbed with kids who only use it to get to the park. Perhaps the bottom pitches on Hayburner and King's Landing won't be so icy from being side slipped too

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    The real benefit of the AZ Challenge is not just for AZer's, but the resorts because there is a buzz created after a good challenge. Right now, there is one hell of a buzz. Bill answered in paragraphs, not words. to that. Hope you watch here, Bill, for when I plan on going to the 'Loaf. Would like to meet you in person....
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    I liked his fast response, but his answer to the lack of lifts on Easter weekend was kind of weak. First off, I ski with my son who is a low intermediate skier, and on all of the previous Easter Weekends that I have been there, the lower mountain lifts where running even with less snow around the base than this year. He was really dissapointed at the lack of either Double Runner chairs being opened. Bombardier groomed Boardwalk each night (I guess for free?) and pushed snow around the bare spots and to the lift, but it never ran.

    We visited Saddleback on Easter saturday to find all of their lifts running with hardly a skier to be found in the awful rain and cold conditions, but still they serviced their guests properly which really made me mad with Sugarloaf.

    I understand that ASC is having financial difficulties and Sugarloaf is not high on the operating totem pole, but at least run the lifts to service all types of skiers on a holiday weekend, crowds or not.

    I guess that Sugarloaf does not want my business anymore?
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    As much as I love the Loaf, I have also been disappointed with lift operation (or lack thereof), especially last year. There were a handful of days when they were running Spillway longside and they weren't running King Pine because of "wind". I don't know much, but I know that if they can run long side, they can run King Pine. The fact that these days in question were all less busy (a couple were fridays or mondays) makes me think that they just figured there werent enough people to run them.

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    Definitely got to take a trip to the loaf this year. Bob, Charlie, whoever, let me know when you look into condos and such for reggae.

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    I need to get up there this winter. Anyway, good responses.

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