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01/15/04 - Montjoye (Canada)


New member
Dec 22, 2003
Resort: Montjoye, N. Hatley, QC, Canada

Date Skied: 01/15/05, evening

Conditions: 16 degrees, clear skies, granular over hard pack snow / some icy spots.

Trip Report:

We arrived at 6pm and booted up. The night lift ticket was $16. It was a clear night, no breeze so the 16 degrees did not feel to bad. The quad was servicing all lit terrain. This place reminds me of Ski Sundown in CT. Montjoye has 1 quad by Poma, a T-bar to the summit and a handle tow in the learning area. Montjoye is very well lit.

The snow was good considering the rain / snow / freeze from Thursday and Friday. In fact we saw more snow in northern Mass / southern VT and it diminished until we got to Lyndonville, VT. My aunt had about 7 inches of snow on the ground. The driveway was ice as was some of the roads. I can not remember the last time this time of year that we saw snowless fields on the side the highway on the way up.

The trails are short and when fully open have some nice steep areas that bump up. The lift line was nonexistent on Saturday night. If you are ever in the area and want a change from the larger ski areas try Montjoye day or night.

Here is a picture on the way out: