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01/16/05 - Mont Bellevue (Canada)


New member
Dec 22, 2003
Resort: Mont Bellevue, Sherbrooke, QC, Canada

Date Skied: 01/16/05

Conditions: 16 degrees, sunny skies, hard pack snow / some icy spots.

Trip Report:

This was to be a trip to Mont Shefford. As we approached the exit (74) off of the Autroute 10 in Granby, I could not help to notice the lack of snow. I had about a 10 minute drive and it was in the mountains so there must be more snow. As I drove past the first entrance to the lot, I had a bad feeling.

It was confirmed, there were only two cars there. It was closed. It looks like the crap from Thursday and Friday took it’s toll on Shefford. The main trail had snow and there was a snow gun going and a groomer. The t-bar line had bear spots. It was upsetting. We had never thought of calling to see if they were open. Here is a picture:

To make a long story short, we ended up back in Sherbrooke to try their "local hill", Mont Bellevue. It was small but we had a blast! I have to give credit to the operators of this area. For having two poma "disc" surface lifts and one chair lift and snow making and night skiing, this place is cool. It down the street from the University of Sherbrooke. The place has about 300 feet of vertical with short runs, about 8 or so.

The ticket price was $14 for non-residents. Talk about skiing on the cheap! . I have never skied a place where I had a view of a city like this. The first run (Poma #1) It was an interesting set up. You would wait for the green light to go on and ski down a small chute where your "disc" was waiting for you. As you skied down the chute you tripped a starter that gave you enough time to put the disc between your legs and be thrusted forward at a good clip of speed. The initial thrust was unexpected and was like a human sling shot. It moved at a good clip up the hill. Only as a skier goes down the chute another disc is released. It is sort of like a detachable lift. You may have about 100 feet between each disc or the 25 feet if there was a line.
The ride up:

There was about 3 trails closed. Sherbrooke also received the crappy weather on Thursday and Friday as evidenced by ice patches. They must of made snow to keep the poma lifts open. I saw the snow making pipe but only a few guns.

The chairlift was a Dopplemayer double. It ran kind of slow and seem to cater to the snowboarders. The Pomas were the lift of choice. Poma #2 made me go airborne couple of times. I got in 50 runs on Sunday before I called it quits.
A trail:

A shot of the Dopplemayer chairlift & City of Sherbrooke: