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12/20 - Wachusett


Jan 18, 2010
Resort or Ski Area
Dec 20, 2020
Snow Conditions
  1. Packed Powder
I couldn't believe how crowded it was as traffic was backed up all the way down the access road to get in and so that took 30 minutes just to get through that last mile to get a spot in the main lot.
By the time I booted up, I only had 2 hours left til closing bell as I was able to join the line at 5 pm. Polar Express was a 10-15 minute wait throughout the night, and Minuteman even looked longer. Only ended up getting 6 runs in split evenly between 10th & Conifer. Skiers left of 10th was a sheet of ice and my friend caught an edge on it but staying to the center/right, there was some nice soft bump lines - something you just don't find that much at Wa. Conifer did have spotty areas that was scraped off too but was in pretty decent shape as it was actively snowing to refresh the conditions a bit.
Ended up talking to one person who was there on a day ticket b/c they can't use their Ikon Pass in VT due to travel restrictions.
When they closed up shop for the night at 7 pm, they did so with still having about a 5 minute line - a true sign their current closing time is just too early for how many people that want to ski! Made it through the RFID gate right at 7 pm with a number of people to still go up the lift one more time. Parking lot was another challenge to get out of as there was another 30 minute line to get out of there. Can't wait til they start closing at 9:30 pm after Christmas!