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12/27/20 - Bromley


Well-known member
Sep 17, 2012
Resort or Ski Area
Bromley Mountain
Dec 27, 2020
Snow Conditions
  1. Cord
  2. Ice
Not a bad day today especially given only day 2 after Grinch storm. Firm and fast with some granular and a few inches of fluff worked in. They refreshed the East Meadow beginner area and a few other spots. There was also some gun powder that blew onto upper Twister and upper Thruway from snowmaking on Snow Ranger and Sunset Pass. They were also making snow on Upper East Meadow, Ridge and Yodeler. I would expect the trails where they are making snow to open soon just not sure if tomorrow on whales or after a drain/cure and groom which will be Tuesday/Wednesday (more likely IMHO). Lower Thruway and Pabst Peril are set up with hoses. Plaza is not. Hard to tell if Blue Ribbon might be. Either way I would expect, after shut down tomorrow, that they would move onto new terrain with the Monday night-Wed cold snap.

Crowds mellow with Sun Express, Sun Double, Alpine and East Meadow all running. Never waited for even 5 minutes and almost always rode alone (I do not insist on being solo).

Hoping for a couple inches tomorrow and then maybe unfriendly NYE storm turns into a net gainer? We'll see.