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2005 Technical Diablo Fire or Flame boot liners


Active member
Aug 2, 2006
the woods of greater-Waltham
A painting project has me cleaning out rooms and closets lately. Last night I found the liners from a pair of 2005 Technica Diablo Flame or Fire boots that were supposed to become my next boot at the time. (I know the boots were either the Flame or Fire but I forget which one.)

The boot was size 27.5. The liners are like new. The shells are long gone; I used them for about 1 season with an upgraded liner before deciding the boot was too soft for me.

Free to anyone who thinks they can use them. This will probably get crickets but I thought I'd post in case someone is interested. Otherwise they go out to the trash, unfortunately (as much as I hate throwing out stuff even useless stuff that's in good condition.) :sad:

I suppose they could also be used as very impractical slippers. ;-)