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2011 Flood...


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Oct 28, 2004
Remembering the flood that messed us up so badly this time last year..
And all the awesome people that helped put things back to better than they were..

We partied HARD the night before at the inaugural Blues Stock Concert at Hunter Mountain... Left my car in the parking lot and got a ride back to my house... Next morning it was still raining when I retrieved the car.... Could see the river coming up but still didn't think it would breach.

By mid morning -the water was getting high and almost higher than I'd ever seen it. We moved the cars to the end of the driveway where the ground is higher and started moving all our valuables upstairs while watching the water move across the bank and into our yard. When the water reached our door step we decided to evacuate. I grabbed the cat and my lockbox and waded though the waste deep current and got to my car... Water on main street was so high I didn't know if the car would make it through.. Our plan was to head up to our friends house by the ski lodge.. We were one of the last cars they let across the bridge before it close. By now all power was out and people were starting to get freaked about where people were..
We started to hear rumors about Prattsville, Windham and Maplecrest. Friends we calling from out of town to try to find out if parents were OK and if property was still there..
We couldn't go anywhere - the bridge in Hunter was getting slammed with debris and was closed to all traffic and they didn't even want us to cross on foot...

The bar across the street was open with a generator and she was cranking out food.... We gathered there to try to help relay information and get some food.. I was till hungover from the day before so no beers for me..

By the end of the day - we were able to get to 214 then up to 23a and get home and found the water made it up to the top stair of our basement staircase but no higher... We don't keep anything in the basement but the whole heating system was hosed... Oil tank floating - furnace hammered... The yard was a mess we had household stuff mixed in with our lilacs and an oil tank lodged between 2 trees... Our driveway lost most of it's stones and the smell of flood and dead animals was everywhere...

We all survived..
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